Google's new Star Wars game: transform your smartphone into a lightsaber

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Google has joined the hype for a new Star Wars movie by releasing a very cool new browser game for Chrome, both for PCs and smartphones. It's called Lightsaber Escape and basically turns your smartphone into a lightsaber so you can kill stormtroopers right on your computer screen.


How it works? First, you find the Lightsaber Escape website ( on your computer, then use your smartphone's browser to get a separate URL. The phone should turn into a virtual lightsaber linked to the browser on the PC. After calibration, the real fun begins when you fight the stormtroopers on the big screen, holding your phone, or rather, a lightsaber.

Google says:

The game was developed in collaboration with Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. The sophisticated 3D graphics were created with the assistance of WebGL, resulting in beautiful high definition 3D renders in the browser. We also used WebRTC and WebSockets to achieve precise real-time coordination of mobile and desktop devices, reducing latency and increasing interactivity. Plus, the use of web standards means that the game works in different browsers and without plugins.

It remains to add that even if you are not a fan of the Star Wars universe, you may still enjoy the gaming experience.

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