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For a long time I wanted to write a few words about Here headphones, but I didn't know in what format. I decided that the best way to do this is in our blog about Android, you probably love all sorts of unusual things, well, here's one for you. To begin with, this is a Kickstarter project, you can support it here, and then space begins.


I will try to present the main thoughts about Here in the format of several facts.

  • The creators got the idea to make miniature headphones with an active noise canceling system and it will be interesting to see what Here are capable of in reality.
  • Price $ 249
  • These headphones reminded me of all sorts of military products, for example, Here are capable (according to the assurances of the creators), suppressing ambient noise in the office, but if someone contacts you, the voice will be heard well.
  • The headphones work with the application in the smartphone, there are versions for iOS and, of course, for Android. Moreover, the versions are the same. In the program, you can select the level of noise reduction, adjust the equalizer, select the sound effect, there is even a certain 'Instagram for your ears', apparently, these are presets that affect the playback quality.
  • The headphones are wireless, they work six hours of music playback. Little, but such is the price for diminutiveness. It seems to me that the little thing will turn out to be quite convenient, since the attachments here are ordinary, the cups weigh a little. You can use a case for charging, it has a built-in battery, you can recharge the charge twice.
  • The noise cancellation system is common here, DSP filters noise and delivers you already purified sound


  • It is not entirely clear how exactly Here are connected, it seems that these are headphones with Bluetooth, but some pictures indicate the opposite. I think it's still Bluetooth, just a connection using an unusual profile. Let's see how everything works when the headphones go on sale


  • On the kickstarter, they have already raised almost twice as much money as they wanted, so there will be headphones. I'm looking forward to the test – apparently, it turned out something like Parrot Zik, only in a compact format.

What do you think of these headphones? Would you like to use it with your smartphone or tablet? By the way, there is no microphone here and I see a serious drawback in this.

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