How are they doing there? Repair in Israel

We continue the series of articles on the topic 'how are they doing with phone repair'. Unfortunately, this issue is not researched as often as we would like. Today controversial Israel and its main tourist city – Jerusalem – are next in line.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

It would be interesting to get information about all the cities of Israel, but given that a tourist is likely to come to Jerusalem, we will focus on it.

So, to begin with, it should be understood that in most cities, except for Tel Aviv, the phone will be repaired in the same place where it is sold. To be more precise, where phones are sold, they are most likely to be repaired. Of course, this applies to small shops and shops, and not to large retail chains and operator salons, of which, by the way, there are not so many.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

Finding a repair shop is pretty easy – you just go to any electronics store that sells cell phones and ask where you can get your phone repaired. You will either be offered to do it with them, or they will definitely tell you the nearest place. The nearest place means not the one that is geographically closest, but the one where the seller has acquaintances. Well, you understand why this is so. ?

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

Therefore, it is much easier to walk down the street and look at the signs. There are a lot of people living in Jerusalem, no, there are a lot of Russian-speaking population, which means that the signs will also often be duplicated in Russian (except for the old city).

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

So, you have found such a store and ask a question about repairs. The plus is that they will not try to deceive you by naming prices from the ceiling. Most likely, everything will be civilized – they will announce the price and even show you the price.

In most cases, we will be talking about modular repair, in which you simply replace the entire phone block, which contains the defective element. Almost no one will bother with fine soldering.

This is a sign of the times, characteristic of many countries with a developed trade network and an acceptable standard of living. In such cases, it is much easier and cheaper to replace the module than to pinpoint the fault and solder something. If someone agrees to do this, then in the end such a deep repair will be more expensive than a modular one, since the work of a master will cost much more than a spare part.

Let's move on to the most important thing – cost.

Here is an example of the price list of one of the randomly selected stores. Prices are in shekels. At the time of this writing, about 18 rubles were given for one shekel.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

Please note that opposite some items there are two prices, implying two levels of repair.

For example, replacing the display module with a Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost you 1,100 shekels (19,800 rubles) without restoring water resistance and 1,200 shekels (21,600 rubles) with restoration of water resistance. Apparently, these additional 100 NIS includes the cost of a special tape for gluing the back cover.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

If we are talking about iPhone, then the difference in price is not due to water resistance, but to the originality of the part. The original display costs almost twice as much as the “Chinese” display, despite the fact that in fact they will both be Chinese. Alas, the suppliers are the same everywhere – the Chinese.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

As for the repair of Samsung devices, the very fact that there is a water resistance restoration (preservation) service from third-party, unofficial services is surprising. This suggests that they know and love their job. Because in the same Moscow, when replacing the display, in most cases they will tell you that you will have to say goodbye to waterproofing.

The price of repairs is approximately equal to that in Russia, and this despite the fact that the cost of the phones themselves is slightly lower than the official prices in Russia. Affected by the higher cost of labor of the master.

Here, for example, is the cost of not the newest Samsung models.
Galaxy S8 – about 39,600 rubles, which is almost seven thousand less than in Russia.

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

Prices are roughly comparable to the gray market in the Russian Federation.

In general, the Israelis themselves consider the prices for electrics in their country high, and this is even with their not the lowest salaries (the minimum wage in Israel is 4,600 shekels, which at the current exchange rate is 82,000 rubles). It seems that they simply do not know about the ratio of wages and prices in Russia.


The terms of the repair are negotiated individually and to a greater extent depend on the availability of the spare part. If the spare part is in stock, then they can do it in a couple of hours, without asking for a surcharge for urgency. As for the quality of electronics repair services, I can only rely on the reviews of friends living in Israel in this matter, and these reviews are contradictory. If we are talking about repairs iPhone, Xiaomi and Samsung, then everything is in order – quickly and efficiently. If we are talking about other brands, in particular, Sony, then the reviews are not the most rosy. However, it would be wrong to judge the quality of the repair only by these reviews, so let's leave this question hanging in the air and hope that on a foreign trip you will not have to understand this from personal experience.

Better feed the cats, there are a lot of them here and they feel sad without you. ?

How are they doing there?    Repair in Israel

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