How I cheated on a Korean


To begin with, I have been a loyal user of Samsung smartphones for many years now. My acquaintance with the devices of this manufacturer took place in 2002 with the SGH-2400, which amazed the imagination with its combination of features and size.

Since then, more than a hundred of a wide variety of devices have passed through me, but since the beginning of the development of smartphones based on Android, it is the devices of the Korean manufacturer that have become the most frequent guests in my pocket. It is difficult to unequivocally answer what exactly is the reason for such fidelity, but most likely these are the maximum characteristics, a set of functions and possibilities for their time, in devices for which the most faithful epithet would be 'combine'.

However, at some point in time, a player appeared on the market who offered not only ample opportunities, but also unique chips that others did not have, for a price significantly lower than analogues from other manufacturers. Of course, this is Google's Nexus line.

My first 'nexus' was the legendary Nexus 5, which even today lies somewhere on the far shelf in the closet.

It was followed by the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 5X and then the Nexus 6P, which I remember fondly, even with the cracked camera glass on the Nexus 6P and the frankly weak battery on the Nexus 5X. However, with the closure of the Nexus line and its replacement with Pixel devices, Google devices lost one of their most attractive features – low price, which was the reason for my return to Samsung smartphones.

But, like every self-respecting GIK, I never stopped following the range of Google devices, and every day I realized more and more that I was ready to change the Korean. The turning point came with the Pixel 3.

It turned out to be exactly as I imagined my ideal smartphone. The only thing missing was the infrared port (it is very useful for the mode of the equipment control panel on frequent trips).

But at that time, I just recently spent money on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, so I decided to take a break and postpone the purchase until better times, and the 'nine' from Samsung completely suited me.

However, the idea that once stuck in the head does not go away so easily. Once again, I remembered my desire to try the Pixel after rumors appeared about the release of the budget version of the Pixel 3a / 3a XL. The main question that worried me then was what would happen to the camera and the protection from water. And if there is no question about the cameras, then you yourself know very well about protection from water – it is not. Therefore, I don't have a Pixel 3a either.

As a result, there was a situation familiar to many, when you wait and wait for the right moment, and put off everything and postpone the purchase in the hope that the next generation will not leave doubts and remove all those 'buts' that you have come up with as excuses for buying today . And all this time you continue to use the device that you have already planned to change. At the same time, you use it without problems, and you get pleasure from it. But the idea, it sits inside …

And now a new generation of 'pixels' is on the horizon, the fourth. Both rumors and leaks.

Much is known about the upcoming Pixel 4 devices from Google today, both thanks to leaks from well-known insiders, and thanks to the good corporation itself, which did not resist and posted in Twitter a spoiler regarding the appearance of the future novelty.

Based on the available information, the first thing that catches your eye is the search giant's abandonment of a single camera and the transition to a multi-lens camera unit. Other features include the expected absence of bangs, cutouts and other indecencies in the screen. Instead, we are waiting for a screen with an enlarged upper frame, which is rumored to contain both the front camera and a number of other sensors, the exact purpose of which is still difficult to reliably determine.

In addition, the devices should retain the dimensions of the previous generations, which makes me immensely happy as a fan of ergonomic devices. Of course, we are talking about the younger version without the XL prefix and its width is less than 70 mm.

Even if we do not take into account the possible unusual functions that new unknown sensors should give the phone, and the current set of possibilities is enough to look towards the 'pixels' with emotions from the famous meme about the hero of Futurama.

However, among the arguments against buying a 'pixel', one can often find criticism of the appearance of devices in this line, namely, the so-called 'lack of design'. How design can be completely absent is absolutely incomprehensible to me, but let's leave it on the conscience of those who use this phrase, no matter what meaning they put into it. In my opinion, a person spoiled by the design of a wide variety of devices, including such unusual ones as Motorola Aura, which I was lucky enough to own, the appearance of devices of the Pixel line seems neither terrible nor great. It is calm, laconic, minimalistic, everything I like.

If you do not take into account the delights Huawei, which set the trend for iridescent glossy covers, other manufacturers, especially the second and third echelons, do not indulge us with design revelations, so it would be wrong to consider the calm appearance of the device a tragedy.

However, as is always the case with new products, the price tag is expected to be far from democratic. And here a completely natural thought arises – what will I lose if I buy a device of the previous generation?

And, if you do not compare devices directly, upset that with the purchase of the Pixel 3 you will not get a dual camera of the 'four', which will definitely be 'a hundred times better', as well as be left without 'new sensors' about which nothing is really known , but just to evaluate the capabilities of the Pixel 3 in terms of their current needs and requests, it turns out that the old Pixel 3 is exactly what you need.

And an additional bonus will be a very tasty price, which has significantly dropped since the release of the device. However, we are talking about lots placed on American Internet sites, where you can find these devices for 30,000 – 32,000 rubles, in the 'perfectionist dream' state (completely new), and for 20,000 in the 'a little used' state. On the other hand, where else can you buy an American device?

With regard to delivery, today the market for intermediary services is developed in such a way that you can find a company upon first request that, for a small fee, will agree to take on the costs and risks of delivering your new electronic friend to you. All this, multiplied by the unfulfilled 'Wishlist', predetermined my betrayal to my Korean friend, who is still with me, but after the arrival of the American will be given to one of the parents.

In addition to the old idea, among the reasons that prompted me to take this step, first of all, I want to highlight the following:

1. Camera. Rather, its outstanding quality and features, including the Night sight mode. I don't know what DxOmark thinks on this topic, which, from a certain point, lost their credibility for me, but when I compare it directly, I see with my own eyes that the photos taken on Pixel 3 turn out to be clearer (without violent noise reduction) and betray the colors more correctly. than photos taken with my current machine.

2. Google support, and regular, most current software updates.

3. Full support for viewing Google Photo spheres with VR glasses without the additional crutches I have to use when using my current Galaxy and Gear VR. Yes, this point is very specific, but I am one of those who actively use virtual reality technologies in everyday life, so there is a reason.

4. Unlimited storage of original quality photos in Google Photos without the need to purchase additional space. Yes, you can configure the application so that the photos are converted by a special algorithm (according to Google, the loss of quality is insignificant), and then the space will also be unlimited, but in fact, when viewed on a computer or TV, you can see that the quality suffered from compression. Therefore, for those who take a lot of photos on their smartphones, free unlimited storage can be a significant plus.

5. Clean Android, or rather the version as Google sees it. Today, the value of this nuance is slightly blurred, since the casings of most manufacturers, in addition to demonstrating high performance, also have additional chips designed to increase convenience. Despite this, the option Android that is closest to the clean one is closer to me.

All this was the reason why I cheated on my Korean, who served me faithfully. In fact, all of the above reasons have a place to be, and are significant for me, but there is another one that turned out to be no less significant than all of the above – I want something new, I want changes.


Usually, people with whom you have something in common, to one degree or another, adopt your habits, and in some areas begin to look at the world in the same way.

However, in the case of my wife, I was disappointed in this matter – she refused to switch from Samsung Galaxy to Google Pixel, but she literally fell in love with Galaxy S10e Yellow, which at the start of sales was considered by many to be a passing model, and which is now almost the most popular from just the tenth generation. So, we can say that the Korean will not disappear anywhere from our family, and will continue to tempt me to change my preferences again.

My black Pixel 3 from Verizon is still on the way (by the way, such a camera device has no restrictions, but is cheaper than a 'global'), but I really hope that I will not be disappointed in my choice and do not want to return to the Korean. Time will tell whether this is so, I know one thing for sure – I will definitely disassemble it and look inside.

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