How much money are you willing to spend on a 10-inch tablet?

We are discussing the optimal cost for a ten-inch tablet. How much money is comfortable for a person to pay for it, and how much is already a pity.


Now I am testing a relatively inexpensive tablet from Acer – Iconia One B3 and during the first acquaintance with the device I first thought: 'well, it's too simple, I would recommend something more expensive', then I go to Ya market and look at competitors. Both Lenovo and Asus have the same characteristics for the same money, and more expensive models cost 50-60% more. i-2

I decided to take One B3 with me on a trip and watch a video from it during the flight, at the same time evaluate how it behaves in artificial light and how long it works. for an 11-hour flight, I watched TV shows for about 7-8 hours and the tablet was discharged by 70%, which, in general, is a good result. The screen is of course mediocre, but when watching a video, the low resolution is not at all striking, as well as the absence of an oleophobic coating. But the fact that it costs 10-11 thousand, and not 16-17 thousand is very significant. And so, before preparing the review, I decided to ask you dear readers: how much are you willing to spend on a 10-inch tablet? How much is normal and how much is too much? For me, for example, this is 10-15 thousand rubles, and I would probably not take expensive models from 30 thousand.

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