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The limited designer version of the flagship HTC One M9, HTC INK, was created thanks to the collaboration of supermodel Jordan Dunn and the famous tattoo artist Kelly-Jo (Cally-Jo Pothecary). On the back of the device there is a 'tattoo' drawing. The creator herself will tell about him and how the two worlds – technology and body art – came together in a short interview.
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HTC: Where did you study to become a tattoo artist?

Kelly-Joe: When I was younger, I hung out in salons for a long time until I finally went to college and studied art. I experimented with graffiti, sculpture, mixed media. After graduating from college with honors, I began my career in my native Southampton, and then there was a wonderful opportunity to continue it by moving to the United States.

HTC: Where do you get inspiration for your work?

Kelly-Joe: I try to be open to the world and draw inspiration from literally everything that surrounds me. I constantly go to galleries and exhibitions to find fresh ideas, and I shoot with my HTC what touched me. I love traveling, this is my great passion, and when I find myself in countries where I have never been, it also becomes a source of inspiration.

HTC: What attracted you to the HTC INK campaign?

Kelly-Joe: From an early age I was passionate about art and design, and I constantly rely on technology when capturing images that inspire me on my phone or putting on the music that I work with. I've worked with HTC before, they really pay a lot of attention to design, trying to bring new things to it, so I was confident that they needed the highest quality work. The campaign, which was focused on expanding the audience of body art through technology, was as if specially created for me.

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HTC: What were your inspirations for the design of HTC INK with Jordan and how did you work together?

Kelly-Joe: Jordan and I worked closely to bring our design ideas to a common denominator. She was already a big fan of body art and imagined what she would like to see, the images that she would like to embody. We also worked on the semantic message of the image, how it should reflect important thoughts for it, in order to give the work a personal character, to show how important it is for it to do such creative things. She loves my own style, so she is a great creative tandem, and the result is a unique and expressive design of the limited edition HTC One M9 INK.

HTC: How has body art fashion evolved over the years?

Kelly-Joe: Body art has become very popular in recent years, and has been influenced by fashion trends and celebrities. Therefore, there is a certain shift away from the 'traditional' tattoo art towards the need to get a unique piece of art on your body that will reflect your own style.

HTC: Do you plan to develop other designs for HTC INK?

Kelly-Joe: I really enjoyed working with a brand that puts so much emphasis on design, and it was the first time body art has been used in this way. There are great prospects ahead and I hope that the HTC INK campaign will allow me to expand my creativity even further.

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