HTC One M10 – what needs to be done to get it right?

The 2015 flagship HTC One M9 is notoriously not as successful in sales as its predecessor, the M8, and there are several reasons for that. Firstly, the company decided to approach the process of updating the smartphone very carefully, as a result, there are certainly differences between the two devices, but there are not too many of them and, in fact, for the owner of One M8 there are no obvious reasons for switching to the new M9. Secondly, a similar design. Yes, when you pick up the M8 and M9, the difference between smartphones becomes obvious in terms of materials, their processing and general manufacturing technology, but when you just look at these two smartphones, it is difficult to tell the difference. Finally, the third reason, in 2015, the Taiwanese were just a little unlucky with their competitors, let's say. If in 2014 both LG and Samsung had controversial flagships, then in 2015 both Korean manufacturers presented some of the most successful smartphones in the category of expensive devices: LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 .

The new flagship, HTC One m10 (or substitute any other name), should contain a number of major improvements and changes over the 2014 and 2015 models HTC to rectify the situation. I propose to dream up in free form what should be in the top smartphone HTC of 2016 for it to 'shoot'?

HTC One M10

I suggested it myself, I'll start it myself, and I ask you to join in the comments, if possible, leaving out the discussion of the view 'HTC is no longer a cake', focusing on the description of what I would like to see in the new flagship.

Design. In my opinion, this is a key change point for the new flagship. From the point of view of the materials used, HTC has no problems: metal, glass, everything in the correct proportion, high-quality processing, different textures and colors, but the design itself needs to be changed. The point is not only that the design of the One M8 has already become boring and does not cause any special emotions. The point is that today smartphones from HTC have one of the strangest front panels, where as many as three conventional frames in front of the screen plane and this is upsetting. The company needs to make the new flagship easier on the front side: remove everything unnecessary, including the huge inscription HTC, fit the display into a neat frame and, if possible, come up with an elegant solution with hardware or touch keys under the screen.

HTC One M10 - what needs to be done to get it right?

Camera. There are problems with cameras in HTC for a long time and all this has been going on for many years. It would seem that in the M7 and M8 the company found a new way of development in this direction, cameras with ultrapixels, but the chosen solution with a very modest resolution module was met with misunderstanding by users. And there are reasons for that. New technologies are great, but when you are invited to sacrifice something familiar, in this case, the normal resolution of images, for the sake of this, it is not always possible to view photos from HTC One M7 and M8 even on a computer (personally with a monitor resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, such images are practically impossible to scale and, the final picture comes out, to put it mildly, not as detailed as I would like).

HTC One M10 - what needs to be done to get it right?

I really expected that in HTC they would continue to develop the idea of ​​ultrapixels, transferring it to a new sensor with a high or at least normal (8 megapixels, for example) resolution, but instead, the company seemed to be scared and just stuck it into the new flagship a simple 20 megapixel camera of not the most outstanding quality. In a 2016 smartphone, I would like to see some movement in the opposite direction, oddly enough. So that HTC defend their idea of ​​a camera with an enlarged pixel, but develop it in the right direction, including moving along the path of increasing the number of megapixels. And if the new device has 8 ultrapixels, I think the camera can be very good.

Performance. This point concerns exactly One M9 and its excessive, in my opinion, performance. More precisely, not even so. Qualcomm 810 overheating problems were known long before the release of the 2015 flagships, however, HTC still risked leaving this chipset on their smartphone. There are no noticeable problems in this, except for heating. But it is he who upsets, especially now, in the summer, when it is already 25-30 degrees outside, and in your hands you hold the device heated to 40, and, in the case of the M9, the metal case transfers all these 'forty' to the surface of the case, in the end it turns out not very pleasant. Probably, from M10 I expect a more balanced solution from the point of view of the platform. If the new chipset from Qualcomm again has some sores (I hope not), it is better to take a not top version in HTC, but less hot. / P>

HTC One M10 - what needs to be done to get it right?

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