HTC One M9 for beginners. Part two

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Continuing the conversation about how to master HTC One M9, being a novice user of this device, the first part can be found at the link below.

HTC One M9 for beginners.  Part two

HTC One M9 for beginners.  Part two HTC One M9 for beginners. Part one

6. Topics


A new feature in M9 is normal theme support. And it's a really well-crafted feature that allows you to go beyond just customizing the way your phone looks and sounds. You can also add your topics to the community.

You can find and download themes using the corresponding app from HTC in a matter of seconds. You cannot choose which parts of the themes to download first, but then you can go back and change them. And the theme generator HTC is smart enough to take colors from images you upload and use them in your menu design.

More about it here.

7. Audio, video and BoomSound


The combination of front-facing speakers and custom software is what BoomSound is, and can rightfully be called one of the biggest (and really great) improvements in smartphones in the past few years.

In 2015, a new software development partner appeared, replacing Beats (which became part of Apple), a recognized expert in the field of Dolby audio.

This year HTC are offering multiple earbuds with their phones in conjunction with a software update.

There are special options for 'plugs' and 'earbuds' from HTC and HTC Pro Studio hi-end class. For in-ear headphones, the most fine tuning is made and more bass is added, and the latter have the clearest and most balanced sound.

The external speakers also have a couple of options. These are the 'Music' and 'Theater' modes, and by the way, the second one provides excellent pumping.

You can add speaker options to the notification shade, and when you are using headphones, they are available in the main settings menu.

Importantly, most music and video applications are able to take advantage of Dolby's enhancements. The same, of course, applies to custom applications from HTC. But there are also exceptions. Rdio doesn't sound very good, for example. Apps like YouTube, Pandora and Spotify didn't disappoint.

HTC One M9 for beginners.  Part two A closer look at the BoomSound speakers from HTC. Part one

Other features

A few words about other, smaller, but significant enough features that may interest you.

Custom buttons

Now you can change the onscreen buttons, you can add a fourth one and move them as you wish. More details here.

Easy Mode

If the possibilities of Sense 7 with all these launchers, icons, apps and so on are redundant for you, there is a simplified mode. Bigger buttons and less time to think. More details here.

Motion Launch and Glove Mode

Compared to 2014's Sense 6, the Motion Launch gesture functionality has been slightly reduced, but still very useful options for interacting with your phone without pressing the power button. And here we have the same 'magnificent six' again:

  • double tap to 'wake up' and 'sleep' the phone
  • swipe down to activate voice dialing
  • unlock with swipe up
  • swipe left to launch the widget panel (go to home screen)
  • swipe right to launch BlinkFeed
  • start the camera with the volume button.

The last option is disabled by default.

Glove Mode is a new feature, and as the name suggests, activating it makes it easier to operate your phone with gloves by increasing the screen sensitivity.

More apps by HTC

As you would expect, Sense 7 has a set of custom apps from HTC. Nothing out of the ordinary, but most of HTC have been slightly updated.

  • Calculator
  • The calendar
  • Automotive Mode
  • Clock
  • Downloads
  • File manager
  • FM radio
  • Help / HTC Backup / HTC Club
  • HTC Dot View
  • Child Mode / Parent Dashboard
  • mail
  • Posts
  • Music
  • Peel Smart Remote
  • People
  • Telephone
  • Scribble
  • Settings
  • Dictaphone
  • Weather
  • Zoe



Like any good Android smartphone, the M9 has tons of accessories. Check out a selection of the top five accessories here, and here for the top 5 cases.

In conclusion, it remains to ask a question to the newly minted owners of HTC One M9. What are your impressions of using the device? Share in the comments!

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