I will not abandon the 'android' because it is good

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Last week Apple they did what was unthinkable a couple of years ago. They launched the first application for Android, but it was not at all the kind of application that everyone expected. The first app Apple for Android is called Move to iOS and does what the name says. That is, it helps users switch from their smartphones and tablets to Android to iPhones and iPads.

Stick-with - Android - Move-to - iOS - Apple

Of course, fans of Android were offended by both the name and the purpose of the first app from Apple under their OS. And they quickly gave him 'units', thus lowering the rating. And as funny as the captions are, the answer from a couple of app developers for Android looks much more amusing.

The developers are named Jonathan Schiffner and Matthias Miro. Their reaction was to create a useless but fun app called 'Stick with Android'. It is designed to keep users loyal to the robot and to help them avoid switching to 'another (worse) platform'. The application itself … does absolutely nothing. It is a single button on a green background Android. Click on the 'Click here to stay on Android' button and the app will pop up the message 'Congratulations, you did it! ”(Congratulations, you did it !).

Since its launch, 'Stick with Android' has scored under 8.5 thousand 'five-star' ratings and only 178 'one-stars'. With a 4.9 / 5 rating in 8,725 ratings, this app has become one of the most highly rated in the entire Play Store. Of course, here, in the comments, users are doing their best – for example, they complain about the lack of Russification. Probably, fans Android will never get tired of hard kicking a bitten apple, this is just nothing new.

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