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In the comments to reviews of headsets and headphones, I am often advised various models of these very headphones, which are compared with the heroes of the articles. Today's headphones were just ordered by me on the recommendation of one of the readers. Headphones are far from new, and you can find reviews on the net with different opinions about them. Today I would like to share with you my impressions of these headphones.

This is not a headset, but a headphone, and in this category the competition is much higher than among headsets, which makes it easier to find an inexpensive and good-sounding option. Despite this, this model was strongly recommended to me.

I made an order on AliExpress, paid and waited. I thought the wait would be long and tedious. But either the stars came together, or I was just lucky, but the headphones came to me in a record 9 days. Never before had a product from China arrived so quickly.

The seller had two configuration options, more expensive and cheaper. In the first case, a complete set comes, in the second, everything except the box. I decided to order an economical option, without a box. The purchase cost 781 rubles. The option with a box will cost 1100-1200 rubles.

Appearance, kit and features of operation

As a result, a small envelope came to me, inside of which was the whole set, carefully packed into a case, as well as a colorful advertising brochure folded in half made of smooth cardboard with a warranty card inside. All documentation is in Chinese – it looks like the headphones were created for the domestic market.

The case contained a red extension cable (the same as the color of the headphone cable), a set of four pairs of interchangeable ear pads of different geometries, an adapter for jack 6,3 also with red insulating rings and a removable clip for attaching to clothes. I noticed that even the twists that held the wires together have the same color as the headphone cable. An unexpected attention to detail that creates a brand seriousness right out of the box.

The cover is a standard shape found in many manufacturers. It makes no sense to dwell on it in detail.

The appearance of the headphones is dominated by two colors, black and red. Some people may not like excessive brightness. I have no prejudice to this. I love bright things. And the red here is not flashy, but a little muffled.

The cable is round. The cable material is dense, plastic-like rubber. He remembers the shape for a long time and does not want to straighten, which is why the first time in the process of wearing, rings are constantly formed from the cable. It is not comfortable. Because of this, you have to constantly twist the cable in the connector to loosen those 'curls'. The cable also dubs in the cold and begins to noticeably 'microphone'. At positive temperatures, the microphone effect is not so pronounced.

Straight plug, gold-plated, black painted aluminum plug housing. Guess what color the insulating rings are on the plug? That's right, also red!

The separating sleeve in the area of ​​the cable branch is also made of aluminum. The workmanship is excellent. Creates the feeling of a solid thing.

The headphone housing has an unusual shape that is not suitable for everyone. Consider this point when buying. For example, these headphones did not fit my girlfriend at all, but they fit perfectly in my ears, taking their proper place in the auricle.

This shape is due to the fact that the speaker in the housing is located sideways to the sound guide.

Uncommon construction. Another limitation of this form is the inability to wear headphones, throwing the wire over the ear. It looks ridiculous.

But the headphones are difficult to mix up. You don't even need a marking on the case, which, by the way, is made in black and is easy to read.

On the outside of the case, the manufacturer's name is inscribed in large black letters. Given the name that is not the most euphonious for us, it would be better if it did not exist. The earphones immediately got the nickname 'penguin'.

It turned out to be unusual that the ear cushions installed on the headphones differ from the included replacement pairs. They are made of gray translucent silicone with red cores. But replaceable ones are just black. The fuse was a little lacking, probably, they decided to save on this – in vain, since the gray ear pads turned out to be cool both in terms of comfort of fit and sound insulation. Eh.

The earbuds themselves are very lightweight and made of thin plastic. They seem flimsy, but this is a misleading impression. The plastic is tough and durable.

Regarding replaceable ear cushions, I must warn against the use of 'Christmas trees'. Due to the fact that the landing ring of the sound guide is very short, and the Christmas trees themselves are very soft, they can easily come off and remain in the ears. It is not pleasant to get them out of your ears afterwards. I even got a little scared when I took the earpiece out of my ear, and the ear cushion remained inside. Tweezers helped out, but there was no desire to experiment more.

Now about the most important thing – about the sound.


Looking ahead, I can say that headphones are definitely worth their money.

The first thing you notice is the bass. There is a lot of it, it is elastic, but at the same time there is no feeling of excess. Although I'm not a fan of bass headphones and prefer precision and purity to low frequencies, Ingping managed to stay on the edge beyond which the busting begins, and did not step over it.

The first few minutes after switching on, there is a slight lack of treble. Then you get used to it, and the lack ceases to be felt. By the way, the advertising brochure has a frequency response, which is confirmed by the sensations from the sound.

The middle is traditionally not bad, it is enough.

When listening to music in these headphones, the thought that they have not gone too far does not leave. The tops were just a little short, and nothing more.

You might think that headphones are free from flaws, but they are not. In addition to praises, there is something to criticize Ingping for.

I lacked a little depth, transparency, academicism. And although there is no suspicion that the headphones are lying, when listening to familiar compositions, the feeling does not leave the feeling that 'here the cymbals sounded more distinct, and here the guitar gave out cleaner colorful sounds'. But, in fact, this is if you find fault.

The headphones hold the attack normally. Not bad, not good, but normal. On complex compositions, the sound crumbles slightly, turning into porridge quite a bit. But, even at maximum volume, there are practically no sibilants and sand. Perhaps this is the merit of the cut high frequencies and the generally gloomy sound type.

If you love deep, rich bass, then this model is for you.


It is difficult to expect more from headphones for 750 rubles, although they have quite a lot of competitors in this segment, ranging from JBL to old Sennheiser models. The headphones are most suitable for listening to popular and electronic music. For the classics, they lack transparency. Rock sounds unusual – rich, powerful. But if you're a fan of accurate, academic sound, you probably won't enjoy what the Ingping H60 is capable of.

For myself, I decided that I would neither give nor sell the headphones – they are lightweight, comfortable, with good quality materials and a bass, 'tasty' sound. Let them lie in the bag as spare.

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