IOS vs Android # 17. About built-in and third-party keyboards

In today's issue, I wanted to share my negative emotions from the stock keyboard in iOS and compare its capabilities with its counterparts on Android.

Those who read my articles all the time know that I have a positive attitude towards the company Apple and use their technique with pleasure. However, I am against blind fanaticism and am not ready to call iOS ideal, given that I remember how it is in Android, and I have something to compare with.

One of the merits iPhone for which he is constantly praised is the built-in keyboard. How the owners iPhone love to praise it: they remember about the convenient predictive input system, and about the large dictionary, and about the high accuracy of clicks, and, of course, about 'it just works, and it's convenient'. Before iOS 9, I could safely join this chorus and talk about what a wonderful keyboard it is, but after updating to nine in Russian, it began to work much worse.

If earlier it was possible to type 'because' or 'somehow' without hyphens, and the keyboard automatically substituted them, now this is no longer happening. And there are a lot of such nuances, the dictionary began to work much worse, predictions are often wrong, etc.

An excellent dictionary was a serious advantage of the keyboard iOS, and when it was gone, I began to pay attention to other little things: no separate row with numbers, no additional characters with a long press, no semicolon in the end! And how foolishly emoji are implemented: they are not on an additional tab, but are one of the languages ​​when switching. It is because of this that I do not use emoji on iOS, each time switching between three layouts instead of two is pretty annoying.

It's time to remember about the support for third-party keyboards, if it hadn't been done somehow either. These keyboards crash, crash, or switch you back to stock.

The reader is probably wondering what kind of keyboard I use on Android. Until recently it was a wonderful Swype with a huge dictionary, a convenient input system and a lot of settings, but recently they somehow removed the synchronization of the user dictionary for some reason, and the keyboard has lost a fair amount of convenience. I have not looked for analogs yet, but you yourself know that there are quite a few of them.

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