It's not time to buy a smartphone

Even in the fast-paced world of technology, where companies are constantly trying to outdo each other and become the technological leader, there is a lull from time to time. Apparently, this is exactly what is happening with smartphones …

It's not time to buy a smartphone

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The industry is currently in a kind of standby mode. We saw two big releases this month – OnePlus 6 and HTC U12 +. There were rumors about the much anticipated follower iPhone SE, which may be shown in the near future, most likely at the conference Apple WWDC 2018 on June 4. There are also more familiar devices. The new Moto G6 and E5 look solid solutions for the budget segment, but they have not yet appeared on sale. And the announcement LG of G7 ThinQ did not make a splash, even though the South Korean company hoped to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9 with its help.

It's not time to buy a smartphone

Now is simply not the time to buy a smartphone, and it will be like this for several weeks. If your once-reliable smartphone burns a hole in your pocket, it is better to wait a little, at least until the first OnePlus and HTC shipments to your country. OnePlus, in particular, produces devices in very small editions (the 5T model has stopped selling just 4 months after the announcement), so many will see an exception to the rule here. If you've got your eye on OP6, it's best to act quickly and buy it right now.

Of course, the most anticipated smartphones usually come out at the end of the year, when Apple and Google announce their latest premium hardware and provide a benchmark for various imitators. Samsung as usual at this time is releasing a new device from the Note line, which raises the bar set by the more popular Galaxy S series.

As releases approach, an understanding of the likely appearance of devices begins to take shape. All new iPhone will have a cutout, because people keep buying iPhone X, the trend is set. Pixel 3 remains in the shadows, perhaps there will be a cheaper device on which it will be possible to work with Android One. At the same time, there are many rumors circulating on the Internet about the possible inclusion of a fingerprint sensor under the display glass in the Galaxy Note 9.

It's not time to buy a smartphone

Pixel 3 Concept by Hudson Rio

However, you shouldn't think that the devices scheduled for release in the summer months are not worth your attention, on the contrary. Our favorite of the past year was the OnePlus 5T, thanks to its blend of quality hardware and software at an incredibly low price point compared to the competition. We were also impressed by the eye-catching HTC U11, which impressed us with its design, camera and power. We look forward to meeting their 'little brothers' personally, which is what we recommend to you.

Buying a new phone isn't always a matter of choice. Sometimes providence gets involved. If you are not in a hurry to buy a new phone, and there is no good reason for this, then it is better to wait a little longer, very soon the market will become much more interesting.

Author – Adam Ismail

In anticipation of the announcements from Xiaomi, Apple and Google, I thought, would I buy any of the smartphones already on the market? LG G7 passed absolutely by, HTC U12 + is in second place, OP6 is a little more interesting, but repeating my thought, until the gesture control is 'finished', I will stay on the concept with the keys controls under the screen. The Moto 'budget employees' mentioned in the article are good, but these are not the solutions that I am used to considering as candidates for the 'post' of my main device. Smartphones on iOS have always bypassed, I don't like it when my scripts run into OS limitations. At the same time, I really like tablets from Apple, and it is in this class of devices that I would like something new. Otherwise, you have to look at one of the iPad Pro.

It's not time to buy a smartphone

What's on the horizon? I'm looking forward to Vivo Apex, rumored to be announced on June 12th. The smartphone has already appeared in many video reviews, just spurring my curiosity. I hope for high-quality software optimization and further development of the form factor. Also, I would look at the continuation of the OnePlus X idea, it seems to me that there is a large category of users who do not need 'stretched shovels', but need solid performance. And, of course, I'm waiting for Mi Band 3, to be honest.

Are you waiting for a certain gadget or do you realize that your current device will last a couple of years, and there is no point in updating this year?

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