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A jacket with a dozen functions, a kit for self-assembly of a modular smartphone, an unusual touch panel for creative pursuits, a universal stabilizer for cameras and a laser razor …

BauBax Travel Jacket

I would like to start with one curious project that has already been successfully launched by this time. Specifically, we will focus on the BauBax jacket.

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Although the word “geek” is now applied mainly to people who are passionate about all kinds of technology and information technology, initially this was the name for any people who seriously “were sick” of their hobbies. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts in their field. And what exactly this hobby is, studying the culture of the Middle Ages, collecting stamps or assembling aircraft models is the tenth thing. Sometimes they speak different languages ​​with the people around them, those hobbies of the 'geek' do not understand and do not share. But for him, of course, this is by no means a reason to give up what he loves.


So, BauBax is definitely a geek's jacket. And not so much an 'IT specialist' as a clothing connoisseur … or an avid traveler. It will horrify any 'ordinary' person, but people 'in the subject' will cause genuine delight. It's all about its unprecedented functionality. This jacket is somewhat reminiscent of a Swiss knife, which, in addition to its main function, also performs a bunch of others. BauBax has everything you need when traveling – dedicated pockets for smartphones and tablets, headphone holders, a stand for a drink can, a sleep mask, built-in gloves, an inflatable neck pillow and a lot more. At the same time, externally, the jacket not only looks stylish, but also has four female and four male models.


It is useless to describe in words all its functions, this is the case when you need to look. And then – either laugh, or admire, or just shrug your shoulders in bewilderment.


I note that instead of the requested $ 20 thousand, the project raised 7.2 million and became the most funded Kickstarter project in the 'Apparel' category.

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Project page on Kickstarter

RePhone Kit

This is also a project for 'geeks', albeit from another area. It's no secret that in certain (albeit very narrow) circles Project Ara made a lot of noise in its time. Indeed, a smartphone that you can build and improve yourself is a real geek's dream! One problem is that Google is in no hurry to release its modular smartphone to the market.

Kickstarter.  For people who are passionate about Offtopic: Google Project Ara as an example of a modular smartphone

Well, it has long been known that a holy place is never empty. RePhone Kit is one of the followers of the idea of ​​modular devices. But this is not just a copying of someone else's idea – the project turned out to be really original … albeit somewhat peculiar.

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In fact, we have before us an electronic designer, from which you can assemble anything. At the same time, the body of the device can be made from ordinary paper, which allows you to give your creation a truly unique look. Who said that in our time all smartphones are alike, like two drops of water? Now everyone has a chance to show big manufacturers how they really need to design.


Considering that RePhone Kit is based on open source software, the possibilities for creativity here are truly endless. After all, no one is forced to assemble a smartphone – from the RePhone Kit you can easily make a piece of 'smart' clothing, wearable electronics like 'smart' watches, a homemade drone and anything else.


The authors of the project believe that the RePhone Kit will be the first step towards the revival of bright, interesting and unusual mobile devices. And it will clearly show that you should not drive yourself into a narrow framework, be afraid to take at least one step aside and constantly look back at the actions of competitors. Of course, all of this sounds very optimistic … but who knows if there will be a new Steve Jobs among the users of this set, who after a few years will be able to turn our idea of ​​mobile technology upside down? Any big journey begins with one small first step, and for some, RePhone Kit may well be just that.


We should also note the cost of the kit – now it starts at $ 12 (depending on the selected components).

Project page on Kickstarter


If someone thinks that the 'geek' is such a frail, uncommunicative creature with eternally red eyes, then I hasten to disappoint. First, serious infatuation does not at all turn a person into a recluse or a misanthrope. And secondly, you can get involved in anything, including travel or all kinds of extreme sports.

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For some, photography is a high art or a complex but interesting profession. And for some, it's just a way to share a highlight with the world or capture your achievements. While the former usually just scornfully frown when looking at unpretentious action cameras or pictures from mobile phones, then for others, all this is almost ideal.


The resolution and quality of images from such mobile devices have long been quite satisfactory, and carrying a bulky DSLR with you (and even more so setting up something there and looking for the most suitable shooting angle for a long time) is still not an option in many conditions. One problem – with image stabilization, mobile technology usually still has noticeable problems. Especially during extreme shooting, when you have to shoot on the run, or even while performing a dizzying stunt.


This is where the solidLUUV stabilizer comes in, which is compatible with almost all smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras and action cameras. It can be described in just three words – reliable, versatile, convenient. Exactly what is needed for those for whom photography is not an end, but a means.

Project page on Kickstarter

Sensel morph

Calling people of creative professions “geeks” is somehow not accepted here. Although in the very definition of this word there are no restrictions on the type of occupation. And for some reason, it is customary for us to think that people of art do not understand technology at all and if they somehow use a computer, then only in the role of a primitive typewriter.

But a computer is not only a tool for work. There are also endless possibilities for creativity. Especially in our age, in which technology and art are intertwined with each other more closely than ever. For many artists, a graphic tablet has become as familiar a tool as a brush. Many musicians write and process music on a computer, and they prefer a midi synthesizer to classical piano.

Of course, standard peripherals are not always suitable for such activities. Drawing pictures on a touchpad or trying to play Beethoven's sonatas on a regular qwerty keyboard is a very dubious occupation. This requires several times greater sensitivity and completely different sizes, shapes, and control elements.

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But Sensel Morph is just positioned by developers as the ideal peripheral device for everything at once. On it you can type texts, play games, draw, make music, use it as a controller to control radio-controlled models and do a bunch of other things.


Outwardly, the device looks like the most ordinary touchpad, but it has a much more solid size and is equipped with as many as twenty thousand sensors. It is they that allow Sensel Morph to accurately record both the place and the force of pressing. According to the developers, on such a 'touchpad' you can paint with the most ordinary brush without any problems, and it will easily distinguish and process even the lightest touch.


But this is just the beginning. The fact is that Sensel Morph comes with several special panels that will turn it into a piano keyboard, qwerty keyboard, joystick for games and a bunch of other things. Anyone can print such panels on a 3D printer, which in theory makes the capabilities of the device almost limitless. In addition, Sensel Morph can be paired not only with a computer, but also with any other mobile device. For example, with a tablet.


All this, of course, is great. But for some reason I have a feeling that the authors of the project themselves do not really know for what specific purposes their creation can be used, suggesting that users themselves come up with scenarios. On the other hand, a good graphics tablet and a comfortable wireless qwerty keyboard will not be superfluous anyway.

Project page on Kickstarter

The Skarp Laser Razor

No matter what a person is fond of and no matter what talent he has, this does not relieve the need to put himself in order and perform hygienic procedures.

There are many ways to feel about shaving. For some, this is a pleasant weekly ritual, for others – daily torture. The situation is especially bad for people with thick stubble and sensitive skin – using most of the razors turns this elementary procedure into a real hell. The rest makes this hell more or less bearable.

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Razor manufacturers are constantly coming up with new 'innovative' technologies, but in practice they are of no use. The situation where an old razor shaves much cleaner than its new 'improved' counterpart has become almost the norm. Involuntarily there is a feeling that it is simply impossible to come up with anything fundamentally new here, and all those who are dissatisfied can either grow beards or accept.

But the developers from Skarp Technologies don't think so. Moreover, they proudly declare that they have come up with a razor that will send all competitors to the dustbin of history at once.


The Skarp Laser Razor is the world's first laser razor designed for people of any gender, age and skin type. According to the developers, with this razor you can forget about things like cuts, skin irritations, shaving foams and special lotions forever. The laser razor cuts off all hairs without any problem, without touching the skin at all.


What can I say? If Skarp Technologies really succeeded in creating such a product, then I will be the first to throw it on the monument. But it just sounds too good for the truth … and it really smells of those dubious 'innovations' that we are already fed by all and sundry.

Project page on Kickstarter

How is fundraising going?

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