Kickstarter. In Wonderland

Sometimes it seems that some projects go to Kickstarter straight from Carroll's Wonderland. In any case, a bit of noble madness is clearly present in them. This is good for some, bad for others …


Impossible is possible

The basslet

When we get to a concert of our favorite band or even just turn on our favorite track on a high-quality audio system with a good subwoofer, we do not just hear, but literally feel the sound with all our skin. It is almost impossible to achieve a similar effect from a bundle of player + headphones, but the developers of The Basslet still managed to find a solution.


The Basslet is a kind of wrist subwoofer that can be worn on your wrist like a watch or fitness bracelet. The main function of the device is to gently vibrate to the beat of the music, allowing you to literally feel the bass on your own skin.

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Simon Morris has been fond of plants since childhood. Each of them is a whole world for him, beautiful, but still poorly understood. In an attempt to show others how interesting even the most ordinary cacti or banal indoor flowers can be, he invented LYFE – a flying flower pot.


I do not presume to judge the practical benefits of such a solution (although the developer mentions uniform sunlight and other similar things), but from an aesthetic point of view, LYFE really has no equal. A faceted flower pot soars majestically over a massive oak base, and if you push it gently with your hand, it will also begin to smoothly rotate around its axis. Photos and videos leave a very pleasant impression, but I advise you not to look at the price.

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Healthy lifestyle


It has long been noticed that it is more convenient to talk about the benefits of sports, lounging in a comfortable chair or lying on the couch. It is at these moments that the idea of ​​starting jogging in the morning (starting tomorrow, of course!) Or buying yourself an exercise bike seems especially attractive. But forcing yourself to move from the couch to the seat of this very simulator is a feat that most sports theorists cannot do. Moreover, there are always a lot of reasons to postpone training – you also need to work at the computer, watch the new episode of your favorite TV series, and call your colleagues by phone.


The developers of FlintRehab have found a rather original solution to this problem – in order to pedal their exercise bike, it is not at all necessary to get up from your favorite couch. So now you can play sports anywhere – in an armchair, at a desk, in front of a TV screen, and so on. And to make users less tempted to take time off from workouts, a special mobile app is attached to the simulator that tracks workout results and compares them with those of other Cycli owners.

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Tracks: Sound Blockbuster

However, a compact trainer is just a flower. Developers from South Korea decided to help those who nevertheless decided to start running in the morning.

It's all about motivation. A beginner athlete who, during a morning run, barely moves his legs and yawns nonstop, in a critical situation is able to run the same distance ten times faster. And the authors of Tracks figured out how to create this critical situation for him.


Tracks: Sound Blockbuster is an audio adventure with RPG elements that tells the story of human struggle against evil alien growlers. Only one thing will help you survive in this world – running. And the soundtrack will help you not to shirk and run as if a flock of bloodthirsty monsters are really chasing you.

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Do it yourself


The creators of SPYNDI believe that finding the perfect chair is nearly impossible. Not only are all people different, but also their desires are constantly changing. I would like to lean back, then sit up straight, then put my feet on a special stand …


SPYNDI is a designer chair that you can build anything from. Its construction is somewhat reminiscent of a human spine and is just as flexible and strong. And even if you won't be able to assemble a real anatomical chair from these parts, it will perfectly follow the curve of your body, allowing you to really relax.

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FORMcard is a bioplastic card that can help you out in a bunch of tricky situations. In order for the plastic to become elastic, it is enough to simply dip it into boiling water, and then it can be sculpted from it, like from plasticine.

Forgot your wrench? Broke a knitting needle in a beach umbrella or accidentally stepped on a child's toy? Need a car holder for your phone urgently? It doesn't matter – FORMcard will help you in any situation.


At first glance, the idea seems ridiculous, and the very process of working with FORMcard painfully resembles modeling from children's plasticine. But if this plastic really has all the declared characteristics, then FORMcard can really help out more than once or twice on a hike or in the country.

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