Left, right and vice versa (about Google Pixel and not only)

I recently had a desire to buy a Google Pixel smartphone. Momentary, of course, and I even tried to drive it away, but in the end, the desire disappeared by itself, after one moment. As befits the right buyer, I studied all the characteristics of the smartphone, read a dozen reviews, camera comparisons, watched examples of videos from the device, and now I practically went to look for a place where to order a 'pixel', as I decided to check the latter: is it possible to change the position of the keys in on the screen block below? No impossible. There will be no purchase.


You ask: 'what is so bad about the impossibility to change the keys, after all, you are a person – you will get used to it ?!'

The problem is not really worth a damn, but it is. Take me as an example. Now I use (still) a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and in it the Back key, touch, is located on the right under the screen. And before that, I often changed devices, jumping from one Chinese to another, and there, too, the Back key was often located on the right, and if not, then its location could be changed when it came to the on-screen buttons. In short, I'm used to this 'Back' position, and I'm very used to it. So much so that when I wrote a review on HTC 10 and could not change the keybindings on it (because there it is a sensor unit), I suffered a little.

And yet I love HTC with a strange love. Therefore, when the Google Pixel came out (and it is exactly HTC that does it), I firmly decided to buy and use the device, support the manufacturer and please myself. And now I find out that it also cannot change the position of the keys in the on-screen menu.

With this note, I want to raise one simple question, actually. How many years will it take before Google adds something as simple as customizing the layout of the keys in the on-screen bar for Android? Eternity, perhaps? Or does the person very quickly switch from the Back key on the left to the Back key on the right? Share your experience in the comments, it's interesting to read!

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