Let's talk about simple phones

Greetings to all! Today I propose to discuss simple, or rather, almost simple phones.


The topic for the gatherings this time was thrown up by the company Meizu, which sent an intriguing invitation to the journalists to present the push-button telephone Meizu M2 Mini. The invitation box contained a push-button Nokia 1110, hinting at what kind of device will be shown.

Photo from the site mydrivers.com

Photo from the site mydrivers.com

And so I thought, maybe Meizu will fulfill my long-standing desire for a good push-button phone, but with a number of smartphone functions, such as support for instant messengers, mail and, most importantly, synchronization of contacts with Google, because everything, what is now in this segment supports only manual import, which, you see, is inconvenient.

I decided to ask you, dear readers, and what can you say about such a 'smart button'? Would you buy it yourself? Do you see a niche for it?

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