Live wallpaper 'Rain'

Nice live wallpaper with rain and foggy glass effects. And as a bonus – two dozen beautiful background pictures.


It should be said right away that there is nothing revolutionary and striking in these wallpapers. Before us is the standard idea of ​​drops-on-glass, just this time it was really very successfully implemented.


First of all, it is worth noting an excellent selection of background pictures. Even if it is designed primarily for a female audience.

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-18 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-16

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-08 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-06

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-15 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-14

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-13 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-12

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-11 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-09

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-07 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-05

If you don't like the preset background pictures, it's okay. Do not forget that these live wallpapers can be perfectly combined with any images. For example, Roboto Wallpaper.

Market_mini “RobotoWallpaper”, link to all issues

Such a mix can really make sense, because in order for a beautiful, but already skilled picture, to play with new colors, not much is needed.

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-01 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-04

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-03 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-02

Special thanks to the developers for the ability to fine-tune all the effects. If you are annoyed by the 'fogged up' glass of your smartphone, which prevents you from seeing the background image, or if you want a light rain to turn into a real tropical downpour, you just need to make a couple of clicks and the problem will be solved. It's a pity that every time you open the settings menu, a window pops up with a full-screen ad. But this can be experienced, because except in the settings it is not displayed anywhere.

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-30 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-25

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-29 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-28

Rain_Live_Wallpaper-27 Rain_Live_Wallpaper-26

Although, in my personal opinion, the settings are already chosen very well. In any case, I did not have a desire to urgently change and 'tweak' something. Perhaps, with the exception of the type of wallpaper scrolling, which makes sense to choose based on the proportions of the selected image.

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