Live wallpaper. Part two, the painted world

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of live wallpapers on Google Play. Some are just a slightly embellished static picture, others change depending on the time of day or the weather, others are made in full-fledged 3D, and the fourth are so complex and confusing at all that they are drawn to a full-fledged application or game.

In order not to get confused in all this diversity, I propose to be guided by a simple principle – 'from simple to complex'. Last time we talked about abstract pictures, this time we will talk about a little more concrete pictures.

Beautiful Relax Islands

Simple but very stylish picture with subtle animation. Has three design options for different times of the day: morning, evening and night. Switching between them can occur both in manual and automatic mode.

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There is nothing special to tell about these wallpapers – the drawn world is very small and fits on a single screen. But here it is more an advantage than a disadvantage. In some ways, they subtly resemble the illustrations for the 'Little Prince' by Exupery.


The app has both a paid and a free version. The first will cost 100 rubles.

Live wallpaper.  Part two, the painted world


Wallpaper designed in the style of Google Now. The 'flat' picture pleases the eye with bright and rich colors and fits perfectly into the Material Design style. In fact, this is more a collection of static images than real live wallpapers, although with the help of a third-party resolution they can be made to change depending on the time of day.

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Wallpaper setting is carried out through the application interface, if desired, any picture can be saved as a regular picture.

The cost of wallpaper is 45 rubles.

Live wallpaper.  Part two, the painted world

Paperland Live Wallpaper

This is a real paper construction set, somewhat reminiscent of living sandbox games like Terraria or Minecraft.

Those who want to immediately get the finished result can use the theme manager or the random generation function. And fans of 'manual customization' will find a bunch of options for a dozen basic decorations, weather effects, scroll options and other delights.

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Separately, it is worth noting the ability to save the created 'paper world' as an ordinary static image in jpg format.

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The basic version of the program is free, the extended version costs about 65 rubles.

Live wallpaper.  Part two, the painted world

Stickman Wallpaper

These wallpapers are scenes from the life of drawn people. They celebrate holidays, play football, fight each other and even fight with lightsabers. You can roughly understand what's what, according to the official trailer.

It's a funny idea, it's a pity that in reality everything turned out to be much more boring. Stickman is not a living world, but rather an episode from a fighting game where two characters fight each other against a backdrop of two-dimensional backdrops. And although there are many decorations to choose from, there is not much to do there for the drawn people. And there are practically no settings in the application. But the wallpaper looks unusual.

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LWP_2-23 LWP_2-19

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The full version of Stickman costs 50 rubles, but there is also a free version.

Live wallpaper.  Part two, the painted world

Silhouette world

Wallpaper made in the style of minimalism. There are only one-color silhouettes on a colored background with simple, non-annoying animation. Someone will see the world in them at dawn or at sunset, someone – a paper application, and someone – a reflection in the water or a shadow cast on the asphalt. But the main thing is that the Silhouette World looks very good on the smartphone screen.

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Interestingly, the scene and its color scheme are selected separately, which allows you to get many different combinations from a fairly small set of standard options.

The cost of wallpaper is about 50 rubles.

Live wallpaper.  Part two, the painted world

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