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How often do we think about which charging cables we use for smartphones and tablets? Probably almost never. At least this is the situation I have. I use an external battery almost every day when I go somewhere. If I know that the whole day is busy, I take a 10,000 mAh 'jar' with two USB outputs from LG. If there is not much to do, I take a compact and thin version, 5000 mAh from Xiaomi, and when I go on a business trip or vacation, I throw a mighty 20,000 mAh battery into my backpack, also Xiaomi. And all these boxes have different cables. To be honest, I didn’t even think literally “until yesterday” which ones, but now I suddenly decided to take a look and realized that something needed to be changed.


Paired with a 10,000 mAh battery, I wear two cables from the ancients Meizu, either MX2 or MX3, I don't remember exactly. The great thing about these cables is that they are long and durable. The downside is that the cables are very thick and dense, using them in the version when I need a smartphone connected to a battery is corny inconvenient, the cables are not bent well.

Paired with a 5000 mAh 'bank' comes a complete cable from Xiaomi, short (literally 10 cm) and thin. The plus is that it is very convenient if you make a 'sandwich' from a smartphone and a battery, that is, connect them and put the entire structure in your hands for use. The disadvantage is also obvious – the option 'put the battery in the backpack, connect a smartphone to it with a cable, and use the latter' does not work here, the cable is too short.

It turns out 'sandwich'

It turns out 'sandwich'

Finally, along with a 20,000 mAh battery, I carry a cable from an old HTC and some Samsung device. The cord from HTC is good because it is black and does not get dirty, otherwise controversial: hard, bends badly and in every way 'reminds' me that at the moment the smartphone is connected to the battery. The Samsung cord is white and bends better, but it doesn't have the strongest 'connectors', that is, when I plug it into the smartphone's connector, it feels like the cable is about to fall out, I don't know why.

One of the best cables (some kind of Chinese) - soft, moderately long, flexible, but 'dirty', an infection!

One of the best cables (some kind of Chinese) – soft, moderately long, flexible, but 'dirty', an infection!

It's amazing that for several years I did not think about how to spend a little time and find cables that are comfortable for me in everything: moderately long, flexible, but not too thick, with reliable 'connectors' and not too easily soiled. From what I used myself or saw from friends and acquaintances, the most optimal and interesting cable seems to me to be something like this:


Not necessarily Nillkin, whatever, but approximately in this format – it is moderately flexible, while not too rigid and dense, so it does not interfere too much. But! Why am I writing all this at all? I ask you to share your experience, if any, in the comments. Perhaps you also asked this question and picked up a cable for yourself, or did you initially have a cool cable of some type / format along with an accessory or smartphone? Write your recommendations, I will be happy to study them and use the experience!

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