Master's notes. How to get into a smartphone without a display

Google is constantly working to improve the methods of protecting user personal data in devices based on Android, trying to make sure that no one except the owner can access this very data. One of the tools for such security is the need to enter the data of the previous Google account if the device was reset to factory settings not from the menu, but, for example, through 'recovery'. Today I want to talk not about how successful Google is in this field, but rather about those situations when this security is a hindrance to the user himself and gives difficulties from scratch. No, we are not talking about bypassing this very lock, which has the abbreviated name FRP, although this is technically possible. It will be about what to do when it is difficult or at first glance impossible to enter the data of your previous account.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

Such a situation may arise for you, for example, when you want to sell your device based on Android with a faulty display or touchscreen for spare parts or for restoration. This situation is especially relevant when the display is damaged on Samsung S series devices of current generations, since the replacement of the display module turns out to be comparable to the cost of this model in the secondary market. And the motherboard that you have left after being sold can compensate you for a significant amount of the purchase price of a new smartphone.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

In these cases, you have two options – either try to make a full reset, or sell as it is.

In both the first and second cases, you will eventually have to tell the buyer the actual data of his Google account so that he can pass the activation and register his account in the device.

The risk is that a third party will gain access to your data and be able to use it for personal gain. And even if he does not take advantage of being decent, it is not pleasant to risk access to his personal life.

There are several ways out of the situation. The most obvious and simple one is not to sell a faulty device, but to keep it as a souvenir. If this option is the most suitable for you, then you can skip reading.

If you intend to save money by selling a broken smartphone, then there are also several options.

Option one, tricky

Find a store that sells parts. Come to this store with your previously disassembled faulty smartphone and either say it as it is by asking for the display module, or pretend that you want to check the module for operability, connect it to your device and perform or complete a reset during the boot process, then apologize and return the display module to the seller. In this case, you get a completely discarded motherboard that you can sell without any risks.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

From the pros – no additional costs are required.

Cons – there is a risk of not finding a display for your model or running into a refusal to provide a display for such purposes. Well, the third risk is to damage the seals when connecting the module, and then the module will have to be bought.

Option two, software

Many manufacturers have companion programs in their arsenal that can be used to update the software or synchronize data between the device and the computer. Some of these programs allow you to perform a hard reset without using the device screen. However, this method may or may not work. Here you need to check separately for each device or even model.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

The advantages of this method are that no expenses and additional equipment are required.

Cons – the need to use a scientific poke method and an unwarranted result.

Well, the third option is the use of peripherals

This is one of the simplest options, which, however, will require some financial costs from you to purchase peripherals.

It's no secret that most modern smartphones, among other things, support the ability to output images to external devices, such as TVs and monitors, both software and using a special cable. Considering that a display is needed to set up the software method, the second connection option is suitable for us – cable.

To do this, you need to find information about which cable you need to connect your smartphone to the monitor, and buy it. Most devices that do not have a separate connector for connecting a monitor use the MHL or SlimPort standards for this purpose. It is not difficult to find them on sale, and the price does not bite. Especially if you have time to wait for an order from China.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

And then everything is simple – we connect our smartphone to a TV or monitor using a cable and get the output of the screen contents to the monitor or TV. Voila, and you have the opportunity to carry out the necessary manipulations with the smartphone, since instead of a broken display, you now have a monitor on which you can see everything that the smartphone displays.


Yes, as practice shows, information on how to bypass the FRP-lock is much more relevant if, after the reset, the user has forgotten the account that he registered when setting up the smartphone. This is most relevant for the phones of our older relatives, who often do not understand how important it is to remember the account address of their device. But the option to bypass the blocking is already an offense, which means that we will not talk about this and will not do it.

Master's notes.  How to get into a smartphone without a display

The need to sell a device for parts may not be for everyone, and many will never face such a situation, and if they do, it is not a fact that they will sell a smartphone for parts at all.

But there is an option when we are not talking about the sale and you only need to access the data on the device, the device is password-protected, and the repair of the display turns out to be inappropriate due to the price. In this case, the listed methods can also help.

In fact, knowledge is not superfluous, and knowing is better than not knowing, unless, of course, it is a state secret.

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