Master's notes. Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?


Every master who repairs phones has his own box with dead devices that for one reason or another did not work or stopped working during the repair process. In terms of the degree of responsibility and severity, this, of course, cannot be compared with the personal cemetery of surgeons, but the comparison is similar.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

If the device died due to the fault of the master, then guess who will pay for this death? Wrong – the client, if the situation really was 'pan or lost' and the master warned about these risks, but if he did not warn him and decided to act at random, then yes, then open your pocket, master.

I have already written about the rules that should be followed during the repair, and among these rules in one form or another the following should be present – do not check, do not give. Moreover, the check should be such as to guarantee the elimination of the malfunction. Better longer. But this is all a saying. Now a fairy tale.

Moving on to the patient.

There are tons of manuals for repairing equipment Apple on the Internet, and most of these manuals will focus on replacing the display with iPhone. It would seem, what could be simpler and at the same time more boring? That is how it is, but there is a nuance here, which I want to talk about today.

Experienced craftsmen need not read further – they already know it all, but for beginners, perhaps this will help save time and nerves.

So, they brought me for repair iPhone 6 with a diagnosis – fell and stopped responding to touches. In other words, the module is alive, but the touchscreen is not.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

The unnatural bending of the case immediately attracts attention. This is a common disease of the sheteroks – they bend in their pockets like plasticine ones.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

Upon further inspection, a light was found in the upper part of the display, which, according to the owner, was not there before the fall.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

And now, it would seem, you can, with the air of a professional in his field, make a diagnosis – replacing the display. But we remember the rules – take your time. You never know what else will come up during analysis and repair.

We tell the client that we will inform the final diagnosis a little later, when we carry out the diagnosis.

We drag the phone into the cave – to the workshop – and proceed to diagnostics and repair. We open it first.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

After opening it, it becomes clear that the display is already unoriginal, which means that this is not the first repair, and therefore not the first fall of the device. You see, the module on the right has apples on the train. ? On the one hand, it's funny, on the other hand, for some reason, the Chinese are in no hurry to put apples on their fakes.

Master's notes.  Touchscreen or controller iPhone 6?

We de-energize the device, disconnect the display module and try to throw in a new one.

Do not rush to buy a new part – it may turn out that this is not the case at all.

And if you bought it, then do not peel off the protective seals and stickers, so that there is at least some opportunity to return the piece of iron if it is not useful to you.

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