Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review


In late summer 2019, Mixcder introduced a new on-ear headphone called the E7 ANC. As you might guess, the abbreviation ANC stands for Active Noise Canceling, or in Russian 'active noise cancellation'.

At a price of only about 3,000 rubles, they offer the user real active noise isolation, connection for (Bluetooth version 5.0, fast charging, 40 mm drivers and several colors, including headphones in green and orange.

I think Mixcder E7 is aimed primarily at young people: bright colors, fashionable design and low cost.

Contents of delivery

Separately, it should be noted that Mixcder produces headphones for the Russian audience, which is commendable. The box contains information in Russian, and the instructions are also translated.

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

The headphones are delivered in a large cardboard box. Inside it you will find a thick black cloth case. Its presence is a big plus.

Inside, headphones are neatly inserted into the mounting grooves, and next to it is a package with a USB charging cable (microUSB input), a 3.5 mm – 3.5 mm cable, instructions and a warranty card in the form of 'ears'.


The first thing that catches your eye is the bright orange color. Somewhat unusual for this type of device. As a rule, this 'kingdom' is ruled by black, gray, dark blue, in general, the darkest shades. The Mixcder E7 brings some sunshine during this frosty season. Sounded like an advertising slogan?

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

The headband and ear pads are light in color, while the rest of the body is a slightly darker shade of orange. Moreover, the material is matte and looks expensive and rich.

There are no questions about the assembly, oddly enough: the headband is stitched straight, the leatherette is not 'deshman', nothing creaks or looseness.

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

I repeat once again that the headband is made of leatherette, there is some kind of soft material inside, the headphone holders are made of plastic. However, a flexible metal plate extends inside the headband.

The headphones are not foldable, but there is a 50 degree rotation (about the vertical axis) of the 'ears' themselves.

Control elements

On the left earpiece there is a mechanical ANC switch with an indicator and a 3.5 mm jack, on the right one there are two large mechanical volume buttons, a microUSB connector, an indicator of the device's operation, a microphone and a power button.

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

How do they sit on the head?

The device is designed for almost any head size; even a child 5 years old can wear the headphones. The extension length is adjustable on both sides (25 mm each). The ear is precisely recessed into the headphones, and the ear cushions do not press on the area near your ears at all. The landing is very soft, I would say airy.

Sound quality

And then I was pleasantly surprised! It is mainly dominated by extremely pleasant bass at frequencies of 40-60 Hz, 200-900 are slightly removed, then there is a slight rise in the middle. High frequencies without kinks. Surprisingly, when listening, a mess of sounds is not formed: there is a clear separation of low, middle and high frequencies. If I didn’t know that the Mixcder E7 cost about 3,000 rubles, I would have thought that in front of me are some more expensive Sony or Bose. And I'm serious now. I have a QC35 and it sounds clearly worse than the Mixcder E7, at least on the low end.

Passive noise isolation in these headphones is excellent: at 60% volume, you can hardly hear what is happening in your environment.

Active noise cancellation

This model has it. Performs worse than expensive Sony or Bose devices. However, on the street, it easily cuts off most of the sounds, in the subway it removes the low-frequency rumble and turns it into a light mid-frequency uniform sound. The sounds of fans, air conditioners, a working PC, the soft hum of airplanes – that's the Mixcder E7 element.

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

As a headset

The volume is average, the intelligibility is slightly above average, there is no interference or noise. The interlocutor hears you as if you are talking on the speakerphone: everything seems to be fine, but a slight echo and a slightly distant voice are felt.

Increasing the voice volume does not affect the volume level of the interlocutor.

Follow the link to download a file recorded on a dictaphone (male voice – talking on headphones, female – on the phone).

Working hours

For more than 7 hours, they accurately squeeze out at 50-60% volume with active NC. They charge very quickly – in about 30 minutes.


They are extremely positive:

  • Cool bright color
  • Decent build and materials
  • Just excellent deep bass, good elaboration of frequencies without 'mess' throughout the frequency response
  • Active noise cancellation. Yes, it cannot be compared to expensive Sony / Bose models, but still it is an honest ANC
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Adequate price.

I would like a USB-C connector, a more sensitive microphone for the device to work as a headset.

Mixcder E7 ANC Headphone Quick Review

This model can be bought in the official Mixcder store for about 3,000 rubles, and with discounts they give away at all for 2,200 – 2,500 rubles.

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