MomentCam. Cartoons, avatars, comics

Want to create yourself a unique avatar for a forum or social network? Or draw a funny cartoon to your friend? Then MomentCam is exactly what you need.


Outwardly, the application is made as simple as possible, even a child can get used to it. But at the same time, it has enough settings that allow you to get the output exactly the picture you need.

MomentCam-02 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-01

There are two main modes in the program: comics and animated 'emoticons'. In either case, you need a photograph for further work. To do this, you can either switch to the camera and take the desired photo on the fly, or use any image already on your smartphone. It is very convenient that the program remembers the last used photos, this allows you to quickly choose a template that suits the occasion and eliminates unnecessary clicks.

MomentCam-22 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-21

MomentCam-20 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-19

After the desired photo is selected, you need to mark on it the position of the eyes and lips. In most cases, they are determined automatically, but sometimes you still have to move the markers manually.

MomentCam-26 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-25

MomentCam-24 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-23

You can switch between templates using a regular swipe. The template you like can be customized in detail by changing the shape of the face oval, hairstyle, headdress, worn accessories, and more. In addition, you can choose a drawing style: pencil sketch, ballpoint pen drawing, sticker and others. Now all that remains is to add a signature, a bubble with text or one of the ready-made stickers – the drawing is ready.

MomentCam-14 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-13

MomentCam-12 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-11

MomentCam-10 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-09

MomentCam-08 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-07

The animated emoticons mode is made in a similar way.

MomentCam-16 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-03

MomentCam-17 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-18

MomentCam-04 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-05

MomentCam-15 MomentCam.  Cartoons, avatars, comicsMomentCam-06

As you can see, the process of creating a cartoon is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Moreover, each image turns out to be unlike the others and, most importantly, quite recognizable.



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