Mophie – Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

It seems that an announcement took place quite recently, and now there is a pre-order, and now accessories have already arrived, including from cult companies like Mophie. In Europe and the USA, these are very popular cases with a built-in battery, and look how great the model for Edge was made, here the ends of the case completely repeat the ends of the smartphone.


The devices are made in the colors of smartphones, while it is only black and gold. To disassemble, you need to remove the top cover. There are grooves at the bottom, they are needed to amplify the sound of the speaker. The buttons are duplicated and, for sure, this was done with the highest quality. The battery can withstand 500 full charge cycles, and the case is protected against drops from a height of two meters onto a hard surface. A 3300 mAh battery is installed inside, this allows you to fully charge the battery one more time. The case doesn't look big, which is also a big plus.


In the US, the price is about a hundred dollars. I wonder if the accessory will be supplied to Russia, for sure there will be those who want to increase the battery life.

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