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The end of the year is the traditional time for summing up, so we have prepared for you a selection of the most readable materials published in the section Android on the portal. Perhaps you missed something, or maybe you will just be pleased to remember the most interesting events of 2016 in the world of the OS Android, which are reflected on the pages of our site.

It would be appropriate to say here that in addition to the themes of 2016, some things do not lose their relevance for years. If we took just the top readable materials, it would turn out that a number of articles written back in 2015 or 2014 are read daily by thousands of people, and some materials have remained popular since 2013! Among such topics, it should be noted primarily those related to battery health:

  • How do I check the battery status of my smartphone?
  • How to properly operate a battery to make it last longer?

These questions have always worried users, and with the growing number of models, the battery of which cannot be so easily taken and replaced, their relevance only grows.

Users are no less interested in the problem of mastering the OS Android. Despite the fact that this mobile system has broken all popularity records long ago, the flow of those who are just getting acquainted with its world still does not dry up. Therefore, the heading 'Android for dummies' does not lose its relevance. And if the question is 'How to find a common language with a new smartphone?' If only beginners are concerned, instructions on how to solve the forgotten password problem, tips on choosing a launcher or developer functions can be useful to many who decided to go beyond the usual and expand their user experience. Fortunately, the system allows you to discover new horizons almost daily.

  • 11 best launchers for Android
  • Android for dummies # 9. Lock screen. What if I forgot my password?
  • 20 non-obvious features Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • All about developer features in your phone

And now the top 10 articles of 2016, which turned out to be the most popular on android ..

Overview Android 6.0

Operating System Overview Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Although Android 6.0 Marshmallow in 2016 is not the newest OS from Google, there is no serious talk about the distribution of Nougat. Therefore, the relevance of the review from Pavel Kryzhepolsky remains unquestionable. And this gives his article the first place in our final review.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Evolution or Revolution? A detailed review of the new version of the Google mobile operating system: the logic of the interface, new functions, system settings, standard applications and more …

Analogs of 'Prisms' for Android

How to live without 'Prism' on Android?

It would seem that the times when something is there for iOS, but is absent for Android, should have remained in the past. Yes, apps sold in the store Apple bring in more profit, but Android confidently takes the number and sales of ads. But the fact remains that applications are often released first for the owners iPhone, and only then for everyone else. And while the programs pass this massive beta test, some of them manage to become megapopular and crucial for those who are always in trend. This is exactly what happened with the Prisma application, which blew up the mobile world in the spring of 2016. The answer to the question of how to live without a 'prism' on Android, where to get a temporary replacement, was successfully given by Artyom Lutfullin. For which, from everyone, many human thanks to him. Well, developers don't have much.

Let's imagine a simple picture – you are a good, kind guy or girl, you have family and friends. Some of them use regular push-button phones, others use smartphones Android, and still others probably use devices Apple. You lived well and communicated well with all your friends, both those who are on the 'android' and those who love the 'iPhone'. Until the 'prism' appeared. Since then, there is no question of any normal communication with the owners of Apple iPhone, because they spend all their free time converting their photos in the Prisma application and showing them to you and everyone else. You, as a respectable smartphone user on Android cannot afford the same, because Prisma is not ready for Android (yet). How to live on? There's an answer!

Smartphones Xiaomi – what's what?

Xiaomi Mi 4S

Chinese smartphones have firmly entered our lives, not as a cheap toy that looks like iPhone or Vertu, but as full-fledged companions that can replace the recognized giants of the industry. But if it is easy to get used to the unusual sounds of brands, then it is not so easy to figure out what these devices are. And again Artyom is in a hurry to help the readers.

Many have heard about Xiaomi, Meizu, IUNI and other companies, but they have a very vague idea of ​​what kind of devices each brand has and how many smartphones in general. I will be brief, without details, just go over the entire current model range of 2015-2016. Go.

What to do when constantly not catching the network?

Doesn't catch the network, there is no connection, the subscriber is unavailable: what to do?

The question in the title of the article does not at all set you up for a philosophical mood when you urgently need to call, but it does not work out. Or you are waiting for an important call, and then the anger of a person falls upon you, in whose opinion you simply did not pick up the phone. Or chatting with someone for hours on end. Of course, all this remains on the conscience of the operator, but you will correct your nerves at your own expense. Artyom Lutfullin advises you what to do to prevent this from happening:

A couple of years ago, my main number (MegaFon SIM card) started to catch poorly, people did not call me, important calls were lost. At first I called the support service, left applications for places with poor network reception, changed smartphones and did many other things that did not help at all, and then I just bought a handset for 900 rubles, put a SIM card of another operator there (in my case, MTS ), set up call forwarding according to the specified conditions, and the problem went away. Some of my calls now come to the second device, because the SIM card is basically still inaccessible, but this has not bothered me for a long time.

How often do you need to change your smartphone

Aging flagship, or how often you need to change your smartphone

Any technique is aging. Something due to physical wear and tear, but something is morally obsolete. And no, the latter should not mean that the device is becoming 'unfashionable'. It's just that its functionality no longer meets your needs, new programs cannot be installed, and old ones stop working due to errors that will never be fixed. But last year's flagship, bought new in the store, can not be called either morally or physically obsolete, but at the price it turns out to be at the level of models that are no match for it. You can read about when your 'almost top smartphone' turns from a carriage into a pumpkin in the material by Alexander Shcherbakov.

I urge you to think rationally, because it is we, the consumers, who create demand and vote with the ruble. If we take a more deliberate approach to the issue of buying a smartphone, and not buy a new flagship every year at breakneck speed, then the manufacturer will have to take a more responsible attitude to its products. Think carefully before buying another device.

Pokemon GO review

Is Pokemon GO Game of the Year?

It seemed that Pokémon remained at about the same time when the trees were big, Yeltsin was the president of Russia, and the word “smartphone” had not yet been invented. And if someone were told that it would be possible to 'catch Pokémon' on the PDA, then they would look at you as a person who needs the help of tough guys in white coats. But in 2016, Pokemon GO blew up reality … and not just augmented reality! What kind of Pokemon and what is the reason for their phenomenal success, Pavel Kryzhepolsky understood.

Pokemon GO cannot be called a breakthrough from a technical point of view – there is nothing unusual about it, games with AR have been around for a long time. But it was this game that had the effect of a bomb exploding. What is the secret of success? First of all, in a simple and straightforward concept. The fusion of gaming and everyday reality turned out to be very successful, for many people Pokemon GO became an occasion to change their usual route from work to home, once again walk around the area, take the time to turn aside and find a new pocket stop. This is an exploration of not only the game world, but also the real world, which also turns out to be full of surprises and surprises.

About notification indicator

Is the notification indicator important to you?

Have you seen a blinking LED next to the front camera peephole? Does he annoy you? Or does it help? Or did the manufacturer of your smartphone generally consider it an overkill and refuse to use it? There are many answers, and they are very different, like the taste and color of metaphysical markers. The conversation on the topic is led by Evgeny Vildyaev.

I myself hardly pay attention to this function, there is an indicator – good, no – and God be with it. What is the reason for this? The fact is that manufacturers have almost stopped installing high-quality large indicator lights in smartphones, it's just some kind of nightmare. Instead of a large, well-distinguishable 'circle', which was in the Samsung Galaxy S3, tiny, barely distinguishable 'dots' are installed, which you can hardly see even in the dark.

Presentation Apple iPhone 7

Presentation Apple. Looking from the other side of the barricades

Reading about the world of technology Apple on the pages of the section dedicated to Android will seem strange to someone. But to deny its impact on the mobile market is like claiming the earth is flat. Presence of an article about presentation iPhone 7 in the list of the most popular on android. – the best confirmation of this. And no, the author was not Sergey Kuzmin. Pavel Kryzhepolsky looked into the face of the enemy.

Every year at the start of the presentation Apple I have the feeling that this is a fake. Fanfiction, a fanfiction based on a feature film about Jobs with a famous but completely inappropriate actor. Tim Cook honestly follows all the established canons, says the right things from the stage, breaks the applause of the obedient audience after each phrase … nothing seems to have changed, everything seems to be the same. But the feeling that these Christmas tree toys are fake does not let go until the end of the presentation. And contrary to all logic, for some reason you expect that a man in a famous turtleneck will appear on the stage and finally do everything right.

Nexus – Universal Smartphones?

Arbor №98. Nexus – Universal Smartphones?

If in the case of Apple everyone is in search of the lost magic of Steve Jobs, then in the world of Google smartphones, the issue is more global. Almost like a search for the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything Else, but condensed to the phrase Google Nexus. We already know that Google was desperate to figure out why and for whom they created eight smartphones and four tablets, and just closed the line. Now, instead of the Google Nexus, we have the Google Pixel, which, according to many, differs only in one thing – it does not say who helped Google create it. Ilya Subbotin figured out whether Google smartphones can be considered universal.

Lately, I (a professional writer of articles on Android) have less and less enthusiasm for the hardware of upcoming smartphones. The reason is simple: over time, the pieces of the 'puzzle' Android such as the software, the ecosystem, and the overall user experience have become more important than the device itself. As I said at the beginning of the year, explaining the decision to abandon smartphone reviews, the main interest begins to appear only when you take the device in your hand. And so I've reached the point where Google's Nexus line is the only device I can recommend with a clear conscience to friends or family, at least to those brave and / or desperate enough to ask me for this. advice.

The number of views is a very formal sign, which rather indirectly reflects what 2016 is really remembered in the world Android. Therefore, write in the comments what attracted your attention, what you would like and want to talk and argue about!

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