My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

Rarely does a company make as much noise in the media space as Apple. On the one hand, everyone is used to this, but despite this, after the next announcement, they continue to discuss both the pros and cons of the announcement for a long time. This time, the main topic of discussion was the new versions of the 'best smartphone on the planet'. This is, of course, about iPhone.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

And opinions on the network were divided. Someone, selflessly loving 'apples', is already ready to sell a kidney, someone, looking at it, twirls his finger at his temple, but someone doesn't care, because he has his other, better smartphone.

Yes, they also showed the clock, said something about the column and so on, little things. But who cares? The main character is iPhone.

I will say right away that this material will not be an example of objectivity, since I am a long-time and loyal fan of the green robot. On the other hand, I've always wanted (and more and more) to 'taste apples'. Try to try to figure out how Steve's brainchild manages to format people's brains in such a way that after that they become ardent defenders of everything that has a bitten apple on the lid, not paying attention or deliberately closing their eyes to objective flaws, justifying this with the catchphrase 'but I don't need '. However, such an experiment is associated with impressive financial injections, the expediency of which I am not sure, and therefore not ready for. In addition, there are still a number of reasons that do not give me the opportunity to plunge into the 'most thoughtful ecosystem'. There are ten of these reasons, and about them – below.

The first and foremost reason is the price

I was prepared for the fact that the prices that Tim had to announce at the presentation would not be low, but so …

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

No, perhaps in the country of pink ponies and blue unicorns this is the norm, but the lion's share of Russians will hardly be allowed into this wonderful world. Oil was added to the fire and Apple Rus – Russian prices are generally beyond the bounds. That is, people who receive 6-8 times less should pay more? Level 80 logic.

The second reason is the previous generation

Watching the presentation, I struggled to understand why I should overpay and buy a new generation instead of iPhone X? Why would I give the extra tens of thousands of rubles for a device that has minimal differences from last year's flagship, which is still a strong player (and according to Tim Cook at last year's presentation, I still have to tear all competitors apart with my bare hands)?

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

I think it's better to save some money and buy iPhone X, which has already lost a lot in value, while retaining the 'magic Apple'.

Reason three – dubious innovations

What's new in fresh iPhone? A super duper processor? Okay, the 7nm process is cool, and it should inspire awe and awe on its own – power, energy efficiency … But if it's so cool, why does the new generation run nearly as long as the previous generation? And this boundless power, what should I do with it? Measuring 'parrots'? And the 'parrots' were less than expected. Alas, marketing husk is not for me.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

The same applies to cameras – most likely, it turns out that the cameras of the new generation iPhone praised at the presentation have only been pulled up to the level of flagships by Android.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

But the DxOMark rating, which, perhaps, will sing the praises of the apple, I do not believe for a long time, and in the next article I will try to clearly state my position.

The fourth reason – the notorious cutout in the screen

In fact, the reason is somewhat contrived, if we talk about the iPhone XS and XS Max, since with the OLED – matrix this cosmetic flaw can be eliminated. And what about the younger version of XR with its IPS-matrix? There, this cutout will be an eyesore, but nothing can be done with it – it will still be visible.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

No wonder at the presentation Apple I chose a wallpaper on which the cutout is not visible at all.

The fifth reason – the lack of a fingerprint scanner

I am a proponent of proven methods to protect the content of my device. In this regard, a fingerprint scanner is what you need.

Is it possible, for example, when buying using NFC, to compare in terms of convenience the option with simply putting your finger on the scanner and the need to stare at the phone, holding it almost perpendicular to your face?

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

Sorry Apple, but despite the presence of a 'super-advanced face recognition system' and a bunch of sensors for this, you shouldn't have removed the scanner.

The sixth reason – design or savings on matches

The new line continues the glorious business started by the 'apple' in iPhone 8 / iPhone X – a one-off design. As in the previous generation, the new products have a glass back without a laminating film. And this means that, having broken the back cover, you will be faced with the fact that it will not be just a cracked back cover, as happens, for example, with Samsung, which, thanks to the presence of this film, even with a broken back cover, remain waterproof. Nooo, in the case of iPhone, the back cover will simply crumble into fragments, exposing the inside of the smartphone.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

And if you want to replace the broken cover, you will be offered to do it completely together with the case and the wireless charging coil. And the price will be oh how big.

Reason seven – 'swipe' keyboard

Yes, yes, in devices Apple, keyboards with a continuous text input method can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. And those that are, work, frankly, not so hot.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

It would seem that this is nonsense and you can get used to it, but why? I recently specifically tried to use the keyboard without swipe input. This is torture. So, we are waiting for a sane 'swipe'.

The eighth reason – poor color solutions in the older line

Didn't think I'd write this, but the back cover of the Honor 10 is a masterpiece. Why was it impossible to adopt a successful experience and make the colors of your older line more interesting and varied?

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

It's 2018, today it is fashionable to be bright even among the wealthy part of the population. But no, we give colors only to the “youth” part of potential buyers, as if telling them – let everyone see from afar that you are rogue.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

Give colors to everyone, Apple.

Reason nine – closed ecosystem

Yes, Cupertin's operating system is already a byword, and many copies have been broken about this question. I, in turn, being far from a novice user, still hearing about the need to 'dance with a tambourine' around iTunes to choose my own ringtone, or even more so about the need to buy a ringtone for money, laugh out loud.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

Although no, I rather giggle disgustingly. Apple are you serious? Buy a ringtone? Thank God, at least pictures can be downloaded to your computer without iTunes.

The tenth reason – the difficulties of repair

On the one hand, finding a spare part for Apple is almost the easiest thing to do, they are sold everywhere and in huge quantities. On the other hand, with all the variety and stock of spare parts on the market, finding, for example, a 100% original new display is an impossible task. Most often, under the guise of the original, you will be sold an original matrix with glass glued by the Chinese, and even if you are lucky to find the original, it will not be new, but removed from the donor.

My 10 reasons not to buy a new one iPhone

The story is the same about the battery – with a high degree of probability it will be an analogue, and it's good if from a licensed Apple factory. On the one hand, the reason is somewhat far-fetched, because few people buy a smartphone, expecting to break it, on the other hand, all the risks should be assessed and thought ahead. Therefore, if we talk about Apple from the point of view of repair, then there are a lot of spare parts for 'apples', but there are only a few high-quality ones among them. And this is a good reason for me as an electronics repairman.


Products Apple have both ardent opponents and equally implacable defenders. Both of them often defend their point of view foaming at the mouth, trying to prove to the opponent that he is wrong, which is wrong in both cases. My ten reasons may seem insignificant to someone, and that's okay. For me, this is what still stops me from buying an 'apple' device, although I repeat once again, curiosity to try something new has been bursting with me for a long time. But at the same time, I understand that in order to fully understand and feel the beauty of the ecosystem, buying iPhone alone is clearly not enough, which means that as the eleventh reason or an addition to the first one can be called a very high cost of the input a ticket to this ecosystem (you will have to buy a lot of apple stuff).

I am sure that among our readers there are many for whom the listed reasons will be insignificant and who, in spite of everything, will buy themselves a new product from Apple. Tell us why you are doing this?

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