My New Year buying guide

Somehow it so happened that at one point gadgets became for many not only a welcome purchase, but also a universal gift for a very different wallet. Since we're talking about gifts, here's my New Year's Buyer's Guide with no price restrictions. And it will only contain what I myself could and would like to give. And in violation of the traditions of the genre, I want to start with expensive gifts.

Huawei P20 Lite (from 15,500 rubles)

My New Year buying guide

It is a very balanced device, having on board, perhaps, the best camera for its price. And these are not just words – it turned out that if it comes to daytime shooting, then the quality of the images obtained can compete even with its older brother in the face of the P20 Pro. This is what you should pay attention to if the budget is not rubber, but you want to please the recipient of the gift.

In addition to the camera, you will receive an up-to-date design, performance and good autonomy.

Since the New Year is already very close, and it is too late to order in a foreign online store, you can pay attention to Russian retail, for example, in MTS, taking into account cashback, the device will cost 15,500 rubles, plus a small commission for withdrawing cashback if you withdraw it.

Smartphone review Huawei P20 Lite (ANE-LX1)

Apple AirPods (about 13500rub)

My New Year buying guide

A classic of the genre, as is often the case with products Apple, which has become a popularizer of this class of devices.

Given the strength of the brand and its popularity, such a gift will be desirable not only for owners iPhone. At the same time, knowing the price, a person on his own may not buy AirPods for himself, but he will definitely be glad to receive it as a gift. But, despite this, before buying, it is better to check with the potential recipient of the gift about his attitude to such devices and to the brand Apple in particular, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Overview Bluetooth – Headsets Apple AirPods

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 (SM-R140)

My New Year buying guide

Whether we like it or not, wireless technology is permeating all areas of life. The segment of portable audio was no exception.

Samsung IconX 2018 belongs to the so-called 'true wireless' type of devices, which means they are completely devoid of wires. Thanks to this, the headphones are suitable for those who go in for sports and love an active lifestyle (as stated in the brochures). In fact, this is a versatile gadget that allows you to free your hands and not get tangled in wires.

In official retail, headphones are sold for 11,000-12,000 rubles. However, more recently, some retailers gave these headphones as a gift when buying Samsung flagships. Therefore, now you can find a whole scattering of offers on Avito or 'Yulia', where these headphones are sold for a ridiculous 5000-6000 rubles. You can even find packaged samples that have never been used since the purchase. Great offer.

Review of wireless sports headset Samsung Gear IconX 2018 (SM-R140)

Huawei FreeBuds (CM-H1)

My New Year buying guide

Another representative of true wireless music gadgets, this time from Huawei.

The headphones combine a popular, albeit secondary design, the presence of technologies such as moisture protection, infrared sensors that determine that the headphones are in the ear, as well as good sound for this class of devices. Considering that they, like IconX, were presented when buying a smartphone, finding such a gadget in ads is significantly lower than retail 10,000 rubles. will not be difficult.

Review of wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds (CM-H1)

Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A40

My New Year buying guide

Robots are different. Some collect cars, others explore Mars and the Moon, and still others are busy with the housework.

It is about the latter and speech. Now there are a great many of these assistants on the market, however, it is thanks to this that competition has appeared, and as a result, the opportunity to choose a device within your pocket. I am sure that whatever the robot vacuum cleaner is, it will be a pleasure to receive it as a gift.

In terms of price / opportunity / quality ratio, my choice fell on the one that can be ordered on the TMall site (for 9,520 rubles), and you will even have time to bring it before the new year – all you have to do is pack it in a beautiful box and you can give it away.

Review of the robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A40

Jacket Xiaomi Heated

My New Year buying guide

An unusual gift that can be given to those you know well, as you need to be careful when choosing a size. The jacket itself will be a very unusual gift, since it is unlikely that there will be another owner of such a gadget among the acquaintances of the person being gifted.

Despite its lightness, the jacket is able to withstand frosts down to -15 degrees, warming its owner for 5-6 hours. It may be useful for outdoor enthusiasts, or, for example, fishermen / hunters. In any case, it will definitely not hang in the closet.

You can buy it for about 7,500 – 8,000 rubles, which, I'm not afraid of the word, is quite inexpensive for such a device.

Aao YG410 projector

My New Year buying guide

Quite recently, when choosing a new TV, I once again thought about buying a projector. Thoughts were such – how cool it will be to watch movies on the big screen like in a movie theater. Warm, lamp environment and completely different sensations. And then I bought a TV Xiaomi …

But I still want a projector. Who would give it … Stop, because if I want such a gadget as a gift, then there are a lot of those who think the same way – you can hardly buy it for yourself, but it would be great to receive it as a gift.

It makes sense to start dating with inexpensive options. Therefore, the choice fell on the Aao YG410 for 6300 rubles. Yes, you still have to buy a screen, which also costs a lot of money. But for the first time, you can do with a white sheet – it will come out even more atmospheric.

Levenhuk LabZZ M4 binocular (stereo microscope)

My New Year buying guide

If those you plan to give gifts to have children, a microscope can be a great gift for children.

Undeservedly forgotten in many schools, an indispensable participant in physics lessons today can become a guide for a child to the world of natural sciences and develop his love for science.

Well, when the child is at school, parents will be able to use the microscope for their own affairs – for example, for soldering, where it is often necessary to be able to examine in detail the place of repair. The issue price is about 3500 – 4500 rubles.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

My New Year buying guide

A classic gift from the last few years. Low cost with convenience, versatility and wide functionality have made the Mi Band series of fitness bracelets from Xiaomi unattainable for competitors 'bestsellers'. And it seems to me that this state of affairs will remain on the market for a very long time.

At a cost of 1500-1800 rubles, the gadget can be called an ideal gift.

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Mi Multi-functional urban leisure bag

My New Year buying guide

This bag, or sling to be precise, is often called a backpack, which is not true. Unlike a backpack, a sling has only one strap and is worn like a bag.

But these are details. The bag itself turned out to be convenient and practical, despite its modest size – its capacity is only 4 liters, and in real life it is smaller than it seems in the pictures. On the other hand, it is perfect for cyclists, for example. Or for those who do not like large backpacks, but do not want to take up their hands with bags. In any case, for its price (1200-1500 rubles) an excellent product – durable, does not get wet, has several compartments for different small things, and has a neutral design.


It is impossible to fit all the gift options into one material, so I invite you in the comments to share your ideas about gift options from the world of gadgets. Despite the few days left before the New Year, you can still have time to buy something that will delight your friends and family, so ideas will come in handy.

And taking this opportunity, I wish you a Happy New Year. I wish that the coming year will be better in all respects than the outgoing one, and may everyone you love be healthy.

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