New from HTC: where did the plus come from?

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New from HTC: where did the plus come from?

The company's new smartphone HTC has been named U12 Plus, which looks a little strange considering that the lineup lacks the usual U12 device. Instead, we see only one smartphone, while usually the 'plus' in the name of any device means that this is a large version of a flagship. But this time it's different. When the company was asked about the name, HTC answered that it had become a subject for internal discussions and in the end it was decided to stick with the name U12 Plus. This was considered justified, since the characteristics and size of the U12 Plus smartphone spoke in favor of such a name. The specs are on par with smartphones like the Galaxy S9 Plus. In turn, the dimensions of the device are somewhat inferior to most smartphones with a 'plus' in the name, but, nevertheless, they surpass most of the usual flagships. Thus, the name primarily relates to the company's decision as to which competitors to compare its new brainchild with. Therefore, in the end we see a 'plus' version in the absence of a 'normal'.

The smartphone HTC U12 Plus has a 6-inch screen, and for this reason its size falls exactly between, for example, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. That said, it boasts everything you'll find in the Galaxy S9 Plus, including the Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage, depending on which version you choose. Also, the smartphone from HTC has a 3500 mAh battery, and in this regard, the novelty also stands on a par with smartphones designated as Plus, and not with conventional flagships. But there is also something to be expected from the company as more and more people buy the U12 Plus. It won't be a surprise if HTC also releases the regular U12, given that rumors about the U12 Life have already surfaced. However, there are no such plans at the moment.

HTC The U12 Plus will sell for less than the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is definitely a good thing for a company that has had serious sales problems in recent years. And therefore, by releasing a worthy competitor and putting a lower price on it, the company may be able to achieve some success by selling more smartphones and gaining more market share.

It remains only to see how the buyers will perceive the new product from HTC. This is not to say that the previous tweaks somehow helped the company regain its former popularity. However, those who are still charmed HTC certainly still remain. Perhaps the release of HTC U12 Plus will be the turning point? Of course, for successful sales of a device it is not enough to add a plus sign to its 'karma' in time. On the other hand, zoos, which represent the lineup of a number of 'popular favorites', hint that correct positioning can be a very significant factor. Wait and see.

If you have not yet had time to participate in the discussion of the new device and the future of the company as a whole, dear readers, it's time to do it in the comments. How do you like the new 'plus'? Are you considering buying a smartphone from HTC? Maybe you will be interested in possible versions of the novelty?

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