News digest №108. Storm of emotions

The total amount of interesting news over the last week is not that great, but this is the case when quality is more important than quantity. The Internet is still abuzz with disputes and gossip, the emotions of commentators are whipping over the edge, and the number of newly appeared prophets is simply amazing. Hopefully, this storm will soon subside and everything will return to normal. In any case, everyone who is not tired of discussing topical issues or did not have time to express everything that he wanted about this has a chance to do it in the comments.


The main event of the past week is the presentation Apple. I will not dwell on the past announcements in detail, a separate material was devoted to this topic.

News digest №108.  Storm of emotions Presentation Apple: swimmer's watch, iPhone without minjack, Mario News digest №108.  Storm of emotions Presentation Apple. Looking from the other side of the barricades

The presentation traditionally became the cause of heated debate, lovers and haters of apple technology clashed in an annual battle, which at times looks much more like a drunken brawl at a tavern than a Holy War. Each arguer tries to explain to his neighbor how much he is wrong, completely ignoring all reciprocal arguments that simply do not reach the consciousness clouded with righteous anger. The whole world is very quickly divided into black and white, and the cry “They are beating ours!” becomes much more important than any reasonable argument.


On the other hand, every year there are more and more calm and balanced comments, which is good news. And the idea that both Android and iOS have their own strengths and weaknesses does not seem seditious to everyone.

Interestingly, the typical set of arguments in favor of Android has remained practically unchanged in recent years, while the arguments in favor of iPhone have become slightly different. Previously, brand lovers mostly emphasized that Apple is the most modern and innovative company that is always at the forefront of technological progress. And now the main idea is increasingly boiling down to the fact that iPhone is the most balanced phone and that is why you do not mind any money for it.

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Just a few days ago, the update of current mobile technology began to iOS 10. We are talking about smartphones from iPhone 5, tablets from iPad mini 2 / iPad 4 and iPod touch 6.


For the first users, everything did not work out very well again – some of the devices after the update turned into 'bricks'. In Apple the problem was acknowledged and assured that at the moment it has already been solved. Victims are advised to complete the update using Tunes or contact Apple Care.

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Due to the announcement of iPhone 7, the news about the restart of the project Apple Car remained almost unnoticed. At one time Apple has assembled a decent team of engineers, including former employees Ford, Tesla, GM and other large car companies. Recently, many of these employees were fired, which is associated with the restart of the 'smart' car project and a change in its concept.


It is assumed that initially in Apple they planned to create their own electric car with a set of proprietary software. Now the focus has shifted from the car itself to smart autopilot and other software functions.

The company does not officially comment on this situation.

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The story continues with the batteries in the Note 7, in particular, some airlines have announced a ban on the transport of Galaxy Note 7 on their aircraft. Some of the commentators have already called this the last nail in the lid of Samsung's coffin, although, in fact, it is extremely doubtful that this ban would have any impact on the situation at all. With the same success, it was possible to bury mineral water producers during the Sochi Olympics, when liquids were generally forbidden to carry on board.

Rather, what is straining in this story is that no one can clearly explain in what situations the battery fires. Apparently, a number of factors should coincide here, but there is almost no specifics now. It seems that when using native charging, there have been no problems so far, but using branded chargers from other manufacturers no longer guarantees anything. And now this is already unpleasant, because one thing is not to use cheap chargers of dubious origin, and another thing is not to take a single step away from Samsung branded accessories at all. And just like that, just in case.

The story is widely discussed on the network, a lot of comments have been written on the topic of Samsung's problems, but basically it all comes down to shouts of 'Akela missed!' And those who did not buy Note 7 and were not going to buy in any way are the first to shout. This is a standard situation for any mass marriage of any significant player, exactly the same could be observed after the announcement iPhone 4 with its “grip of death”, when most of the 'sympathizers' are not a single one iPhone I never held in my hands at all. And if memory serves, Kipling's howl that Akela is no longer the same was not raised by the wolves themselves. Although I can be confused here, I haven't read this book for a long time.

Each time such 'Akela's blunder' is seen by commentators as a local end of the world, every time for several weeks after that the whole network is on the ears, and each time it does not lead to anything special. Companies do not last forever, sooner or later they will have to give way to young people, only they die for completely different reasons. Samsung really stumbled, the problem really takes place, and some financial consequences for the company are inevitable. But there is no reason to unnecessarily exaggerate and make sorrowful prophecies, a marriage or a design mistake of one model has practically no effect on the attitude of the main audience to the brand. Especially considering the fact that in fact the problem has affected a tiny percentage of users, and their shirt, in any case, is closer to the body.

It is still difficult to assess the image consequences for a company. On the one hand, the problem is widely discussed, and Samsung has not only officially recognized it, but openly urges to change devices from the risk group to new ones. That is, one of the most expensive and well-known Android smartphones turned out to be potentially dangerous for its owners, which does not paint the company at all. On the other hand, in the era of the Internet, black PR, dubious discoveries and revelations of novice bloggers, you will not surprise anyone with such sensations. Every day, the network uncovers global conspiracies, discusses the latest discoveries of British scientists and writes' truthful 'reviews of competitors' products. For example, already a couple of hours after the announcement of iPhone 7 with EarPods on the Internet, comments from 'knowledgeable' users began to come across that such headphones are dangerous, emit no worse than a microwave oven, and after a couple of years of use practically guarantee brain cancer. And this is far from the most extreme case.

Against the background of this information noise, information about the Note 7 problems is inevitably perceived by another rumor or some exotic event that does not concern the reader in any way. And it works more like free advertising – no one will remember what the situation with the marriage was in a year, but the name Galaxy Note itself will be remembered.

Interestingly, most of the negative reviews of the owners are now associated not with marriage as such, but with bureaucratic red tape. Someone complains that they often receive calls from the call center and offer to change the device, someone at the moment simply cannot replace the device with a new one and offer to walk with the Galaxy S6 for a while, someone is annoyed by the need to write some statements and sign additional documents, and so on. I will not undertake to comment on these statements, maybe we are talking about some one-off cases, maybe the system for replacing the devices is really not debugged and misfires, and perhaps someone is simply exaggerating. If there is such a problem, it is in Samsung's best interest to resolve it as quickly as possible. As practice shows, caring call center employees can bring to white heat much faster than any potential marriage.

For those thinking of buying a Note 7, it makes sense to pay attention to its labeling. New batches of smartphones that are not subject to battery problems will be marked with the letter S. Look for this icon is near the barcode.


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Amid the buzz surrounding the flagship Galaxy phones, many forget that Samsung is one of the few companies still making clamshell phones. The only pity is that they are sold exclusively in Asian markets.


One of the latest announcements of the company is the Galaxy Folder 2. This 'clamshell' at first glance resembles the devices of the early 2000s, even though it works on Android. And her characteristics for our days are very modest:

• Support for communication standards: 4G / LTE; 3G / UMTS 2100/1900/850/900 MHz, 3G / CDMA 800 MHz, 3G / TD-SCDMA 2010/1880 MHz; GSM GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, CDMA 800 MHz; two slots for SIM cards
• Dimensions: 122×60.2×15.4 mm
• Weight: 160 g
• Processor: 1.4 GHz Quad Core
• Platform: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
• Display: 3.8-inch, TFT, resolution 480 × 800 pixel s
• Main camera: 8 MP with autofocus and backlight
• Front camera: 5 MP
• Memory: 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of built-in, slot for microSD memory card
• Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v4.2, USB 2.0, GPS / GLONASS / Beidou
• Battery: 1950 mAh
• Others: accelerometer, proximity sensor, Hall sensor

Interestingly, the smartphone does not have an external screen. To find out who is calling you, or to see what events you missed, the 'clamshell' will have to be opened.

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While Apple and Samsung are competing with each other for the title of the coolest manufacturer of mobile equipment, hurrying and stumbling out of the blue, LG continues to calmly and confidently bend its line.

News digest №108.  Storm of emotions

So, the representative LG officially announced that the idea of ​​modular smartphones is not forgotten and next year LG G6 will continue the work of its predecessor. But he delicately kept silent about the compatibility of the modules – he’s not sure that it goes without saying, or he doesn’t want to upset users ahead of time.

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There is very little time left before the announcement of the new Google smartphone, which may enter the Pixel line. The estimated date of the announcement is October 4.

Every day, more and more renders and 'spy' photos of the device appear on the network, and the androidauthority resource even published a short video with its 3D model.

It is assumed that the body of the smartphone will be made of metal, and the upper part of the back cover will be covered with glass.

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There is still less information about the Pixel XL, and the pictures published on the network may well turn out to be a banal fake.


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Interestingly, the company itself HTC, which is the manufacturer of the Google Pixel, has scheduled its presentation for September 20.

In a series of videos under the general title 'BeEdgier', an unknown smartphone with a thin body, a wide-angle camera and a fingerprint scanner is shown.

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