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This year, OnePlus has a pretty good flagship killer. Apparently, they plan to consolidate their success in it by announcing the OnePlus 3T smartphone in the middle of the month. According to rumors, this will be an improved version of the OnePlus 3, which will cost somewhere around $ 80 more.


The expected characteristics of the model are as follows:

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • Main camera Sony IMX398 16MP
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64 \ 128 GB of internal memory

The expansion of the lineup is good, but is it worth doing it only through improved versions of the flagships? Even if these flagships are sold at a very affordable price?

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The next year may well be for HTC the last, in any case, rumors and the sale of the company in recent months they want regularly. But even so, at least one more flagship device from HTC can be expected. And judging by HTC 10, it has every chance of being a truly interesting smartphone. It's another matter that even the most successful flagship is now unlikely to seriously affect the fate of the company – it has clearly passed the point of no return.

There are a lot of rumors about HTC 11, but there is practically no specifics. With a high degree of probability, we can only say that the screen of the novelty will be curved. The expected resolution is 2K.


What characteristics do you think a flagship HTC should have in order to become an interesting purchase?

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What is in store for the next year Motorola is also not very clear, but after Moto Z any surprises can be expected from the company. Most likely, they will not abandon the idea of ​​modular phones in Motorola, even if the main stake is not on them.

In general, it is difficult to say what made several large companies present modular devices this year. It is very likely that it was a false start – they simply did not have time to think over the idea and bring it to mind. LG is now rushing between two extremes, either going to release another modular flagship, or almost abandoning further work on modular smartphones. And Motorola announces a competition for the best module for Moto Z, and with rather strange rules.


Anyone can submit an idea for a smartphone module to the engineers Motorola by the end of the year. If it turns out to be interesting enough, the developer will receive a Moto Mods Development Kit. After the first prototype is ready, Motorola will help organize the company on Indiegogo, and after the start of commercial production, the author of the idea will be invited to their headquarters to discuss further cooperation.

All this suggests that Moto Z will have a successor that will be compatible with already released modules.

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Despite the fact that the mobile division Motorola has long been bought first by Google, and then Lenovo, they continue to speak of it as a separate company with its own lineup. The illusion may finally be dispelled next year, when Lenovo begins to use the Moto brand more widely.

According to androidpolice, the Moto brand will become the main one for Lenovo and almost all new smartphones will be produced under it.

News digest №112.  Upcoming new items

To be honest, it's not entirely clear what the point was then to buy a separate premium brand for yourself. On the other hand, is there a lot of that premium in modern Moto?

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The fate Motorola is sad, but natural. Big companies are alien to sentiment, they will try to squeeze the maximum out of a popular brand, not paying attention to the dissatisfaction of old fans. And Moto is not alone in this fate.


It's no secret that Nokia plans to return to the smartphone market in 2017. As well as the fact that from the old Nokia there will be only one logo, which will be widely promoted. Recently it became known that the agency Mother, which works with such large companies as Coca-Cola and IKEA, will be engaged in promoting new products under the Finnish brand.

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We will be able to understand how successful Nokia smartphones will be already at the beginning of next year. Initially, it was reported that the new items will be presented at MWC 2017, then there were rumors that something could be shown already at CES.





Most likely, we are talking about the Nokia D1C smartphone, which has already appeared in several renders and live photos.

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Android Nougat

I would like to believe that the new items from the beginning of 2017 will at least slightly tweak the version statistics Android. At the moment it is quite sad, only 0.3% of all devices are currently running on Android Nougat. But the share of devices with version Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still growing.



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