Nine months with Erato Apollo 7S


In March 2018, I became the proud owner of an Apollo 7S truewireless headset from Erato.

After nine months of using the headset, I have some impressions that I want to share with you. To begin with, this model belongs to the high price segment and is unlikely to become a mass product. It’s more of a pen-and-go, and a way to make a statement, which Erato has taken advantage of by creating an expensive, technology-packed headset with some outstanding features. That is why I will not be able to record it as a competitor for the cheaper, but also with much more modest capabilities in terms of sound quality Apple EarPods – after all, these devices are from different universes.

Nine months with Erato Apollo 7S
Nine months with Erato Apollo 7S

Today in Russia the price of Apollo 7S fluctuates around 20 thousand rubles for a new gadget, or 13-15 thousand for a used one. On eBay or Amazon, the average price is $ 230, which at the current exchange rate turns into the same $ 15,000, but for a new headset. Do not forget to add shipping costs to the price and it turns out that the price level is comparable.

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