Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

I belong to the category of users who are sometimes called switches, that is, I have no problems and with pleasure, once every 2-3 years, I fully switch from Android to iOS or vice versa. The transition is easy for me, since I am quite familiar with most of the pros and cons of this or that platform. But in 2-3 years the system manages to acquire new chips that still need to be looked for. And here various articles, videos and collections come to the rescue.

Today I want to make one of these collections, and it will be of interest either to those who recently switched (or returned after a long break) to iOS, or to those who just update their iPhone from year after year without studying long lists of changes and thematic content and testing all new “features” right away.

Below are a few not very obvious, but extremely useful tricks that are in iOS today. Let's get started!

Identify songs with Siri

About a year ago Apple bought the Shazam service, and it is quite obvious that this was done in order to implement its features in iOS. If I'm not mistaken, the song detection feature has been in Siri before, but after the integration of Siri and Shazam it worked much better.

If you do not use Shazam for anything other than “find out what the track is”, feel free to delete it. Instead, just ask Siri what the song is. She will listen for a few seconds and respond with a link to Apple Music.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

Chat overseas or with foreigners using Siri

If you don't speak English or another popular language, but you need to communicate with foreigners, then use Siri for this. Siri can be asked, for example, what will be in French: “How to get to the Eiffel Tower?” Siri will reproduce the phrase in the desired language and write it in text.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

Unfortunately, Siri does not yet know how to speak in reverse order: if you ask her to translate a foreigner's phrase into Russian, she will answer that this is not yet possible. You will have to understand it yourself or use third-party applications, for example, a translator from Google or Yandex. Despite this, in most cases Siri is enough, as it is always harder to say than to understand what they are telling you.

How to find on iPhone or iPad analog CMD + Z (CTRL + Z)

An insanely useful life hack that allows you to undo the last action when working with text, which for some reason I constantly forget about. Have you deleted unnecessary items in your document? No problem: just shake your smartphone and confirm that you want to undo the input.

Long exposure in camera without third-party software

It's no secret that the standard Camera application in iOS is pretty simple and has almost no settings. Of those functions that are really sorely lacking, I can highlight manual exposure control.

In one of the latest updates iOS an interesting solution to this problem appeared, but it was done in a somewhat strange way, as they say, “in the style of Apple”.

You need to look for it not in the Camera, but in the Photo application: now there are settings for Live Photo, where you can make animation from a live photo (loop, pendulum) or convert a live photo into a simple one, but made with a long exposure. Pay attention to the smoke from the chimney.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1


Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

With exposure

If you're shooting dynamic subjects, be sure to try this effect. Of course, not every time it turns out well, but it is also possible to make interesting shots.

Vertical panorama

Apple still do not implement an additional wide-angle lens in their devices, so often when shooting, for example, architectural objects, you have to think about how to capture everything and more. Someone uses additional lenses, but if you don’t want to spend extra money, then I’ll tell you about another life hack that will come in handy when shooting tall objects.

Few people know that having selected the “Panorama” mode in a standard camera iOS, it is not necessary to shoot the panorama horizontally. No one bothers you to turn the phone over and shoot from the bottom up. See what can come of it. Photos were taken from one point.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

Normal shooting

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 1

In panorama mode

It is very convenient when you are photographing something tall: skyscrapers, lighthouses, steles, and so on.

Working with tabs in Safari

The Safari browser built into iOS has two hidden features when working with tabs. For example, if you need to close all open tabs at once, then you need to keep your finger on the “Close” button when previewing them.

In addition, you can open a recently closed tab if you need it again by holding your finger on the “+” button.

Another Safari feature allows you to quickly switch to the main version of the site from the mobile. To do this, you need to hold down the “Update” button in the upper right corner.

It is important to note that this only works with sites that have two versions: main and mobile. Today, most sites are responsive, and this action does not work in them.

Moving the keyboard cursor (including without 3D Touch)

The feature, previously only available on smartphones with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and newer), has appeared on older devices as well. Hold your finger on the “Space” key, hold it a little and start moving your finger across the screen, moving the cursor.

If 3D Touch is supported, then just press hard anywhere on the keyboard and slide your finger across it.

Built-in document scanner in notes

Not so long ago Apple I realized that scanning documents using a smartphone is quite a popular activity, and equipped the built-in Notes application with this function.

So, if you need a scan of a paper medium, then you need to create a new note, click on the “+” and select the item “Scan documents”.

If there is a need to send a file in pdf format, then click on the scan itself in the note and on the next screen click on the “Share” icon.


Today I gave as an example not all the features of the system, but only the part that seemed to me the most useful and interesting. Be sure to write in the comments if you have found something new and useful for yourself and how many life hacks were previously unknown to you. Maybe we will continue in the next articles!

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