Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

My previous material about chips iOS seemed pretty interesting to you. Moreover, even my colleagues admitted that they discovered a couple of new things that they did not know about before. Therefore, today I bring to your attention a few more non-obvious, but useful functions iOS, which you might not know about. Let's get started!

Turn the flashlight on and off with Siri

At first glance, this is a very simple function, which, in theory, should have appeared in iOS 5 along with the release of the voice assistant. However, in real life it became available only in iOS 12.

Just say, “Hey Siri! Turn on (turn off) the flashlight ”.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

It will be useful if you have dirty, wet or busy hands and it is not very convenient to unlock your smartphone and turn on the flashlight by pressing the display.

The fastest way to turn off the flashlight

If the flashlight is already on and you need to turn it off, and do it as quickly as possible, then turn on the display, once on the lock screen, and lightly swipe to the left, as if starting to activate the camera – the flashlight will immediately go out.

Baby monitor or spy function

In iOS 12, there is another interesting feature that can be found in the control center settings. It allows you to turn on the broadcast of the sound surrounding the smartphone to AirPods or other wireless headphones, and the sound will be delivered to the headphones with noticeable amplification.

For example, you can activate this function, put your smartphone next to your child, and go to another room with headphones. You will hear everything that happens to him, and do not miss when he wakes up. It is also a real boon for a spy, as Live listening works even with the display turned off.

To enable this feature, go to the settings of the control point and add the “Hearing” icon to it.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

Now we connect wireless headphones and activate the function in the control center.

QR code scanner in standard camera

Forget about all third-party QR code scanners from the AppStore, since starting from iOS 11, the standard Camera application has the function of recognizing them. We just launch it, point to the desired QR code and follow the link that appears as a notification.

Moving icons in a group

You can move icons across desktop screens, as well as place them in folders, as a whole group. To do this, activate the “shake mode”, slightly shift the first icon to the side, and then, holding one finger on it, simply tap on the other icons we need – they will be gathered into a group that can be moved to another screen or added to folder.

Fast call rejection

If you are using iPhone recently, you may not know how to quickly reject a call without sending any SMS or setting a reminder. To do this, press the lock key twice in a row.

By the way, until recently, for some reason, I didn’t notice the reminder to call back, so, just in case, I’ll mention here, suddenly you didn’t pay attention to it either. You can choose when to remind: in an hour or when changing the location.

  • Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

  • Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

Communicate with Siri in text, not voice

In one of the latest versions iOS, it became possible to communicate with the voice assistant with text, not voice. Included along the way:

Settings – General – Accessibility – Siri – Siri text input.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

It will be useful if you need help from Siri, but making sounds is impossible or inappropriate.

  • Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

  • Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

Timer to mute music

Many users of devices from Apple complain that the standard player does not have a sleep timer. But he is, you just are not looking for him there.

We go into the clock application, go to the timer tab, in the “When finished” item, select “Stop” and set the timer for the required amount of time – the music will turn off after the specified time.

YouTube content on TV

If you have a smart TV with YouTube at home (not all models may work) and connected to your home network, you can play videos on it from the YouTube app for iOS. To do this, open the video on your smartphone, click on the “Broadcast” icon and select your TV in the list.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2

The TV will automatically launch YouTube and open the selected video.

Forgot your password? Ask Siri

This is also possible, yes. The only caveat: the name of the site will have to be said very clearly and accurately, otherwise nothing will work.

We delete the application, but save its data

Surely you have applications on your smartphone that you use very rarely, but you do not want to lose information from them. In iOS 11, it became possible to “download” an application, that is, physically remove it from the smartphone, but always be able to restore it from the cloud in the same form in which it was “downloaded”.

To do this, you need to follow the path:

Settings – General – Storage iPhone;

select an application and click on “Download program”. As soon as you need the application, find its icon on the desktop and click on it, after which the application will be downloaded to the device again.

Non-obvious but useful tricks iOS # 2


I hope that every reader with a iOS device has found something new and useful for himself in this collection of chips!

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Considering that this is my last material this year, I hasten to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you cool gadgets, great applications in 2019, and most importantly, peace and goodness reign in your families! See you all in the new year!

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