OnePlus 3 – the world's 'iPhone' Android?

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OnePlus 3

You can relate to the company in different ways Apple, but there are few indifferent. This is not surprising: the company does not accept compromises and creates some of the most popular products in the world.

Also Apple can be called one of a kind. This is a company that only makes one phone. Until recently, one size could be added here.

OnePlus 3

No cheaper models, no lighter models, no camera phones, nothing like that. Only one phone that is perfected in every aspect. One phone that's regularly updated and delivers a user experience virtually free of bugs – performance is smooth, battery lasts long enough on a single charge, and the camera is among the best on the market.

Now let's look at the world of phones at Android. From afar, this world is beautiful: devices of various types, shapes and price categories. But a closer look reveals small and large problems. Some devices receive updates for a long time or do not arrive at all. Others, affordable, are intimidating in their designs. Still others are based on a bold idea, but the interface negates all efforts. And since every phone maker on Android is working on many different phones to cover all price points, it focuses less on the flagship flagships.

OnePlus 3

Now let's take a look at OnePlus. It became known that the company will no longer continue the OnePlus X line and will focus on a single smartphone – OnePlus 3. No smaller or larger options or other fashion trends.

And if you look for a company that claims the title Apple in the world Android, it would be OnePlus – as surprising as it sounds for a two-year-old Chinese startup.

With OnePlus 3, they are on the right track: if they put a killer price on the phone, it simply won't have any weaknesses. Let's add here the fact that the device has been available in 31 countries for two days already – an impressive list worthy of ambitions Apple and Samsung. If the OnePlus 3 truly lives up to expectations, and the updates keep it running just as quickly and smoothly, then this is a great proposition that could shake up the market in the near future.


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