Online store or mobile app?

Now all major online stores have separate mobile applications for Android and iOS, but how many use them? We estimate their popularity based on your comments.


Recently I went to the mobile application of a popular Chinese online store A. (now I will not write its name, because last time someone had the 'sense' to accuse me of advertising it) and thought: 'Do I often use separate programs instead of web versions of programs? ' I realized that if we talk about equipment stores, then it is almost always more convenient for me to order directly from the site. Select all delivery options and pay immediately on the big screen. But with food delivery, everything is not so simple. At one time, I ordered food at T. sushi bar and they had a 10% discount when placing an order through the mobile application. And although T.'s program was buggy and ugly, it was nice to save 50-100 rubles for two or three extra clicks. By the way, A. also has discounts when applying through the app. They are of course penny, but they have a convenient program, so the payment speed is the same.

But with banking personal accounts, I often prefer mobile applications, and this is because authorization in them occurs either by a pin code or using a fingerprint. And in the web version, you usually need to enter a username-password, then a confirmation SMS and only after that you log in.

What about your dear readers? What do you prefer the mobile application or the web version more often? What determines the choice?

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