Onyx Boox Prometheus – Big Library

Hello everyone, I'm currently testing Onyx Boox Prometheus and I want to say that, apparently, the electronics market is slowly recovering. Why do I think so? Onyx took care of the new line until better times, and now they have launched one of their most expensive books on sale, 'Prometheus' costs about 24,000 rubles and, of course, people have questions – you can buy a tablet or something else. And here is an e-book! On the other hand, I am personally very pleased with the device. It is suitable for fans of reading: a 9.7-inch backlit touch screen, Play Market with the ability to install other readers and many other programs, support for all possible formats, and finally, the design has been changed here. And I really like it, the back is made of metal, the front is simple and laconic. For several days I have been using it as a 'bedside' device, I read books, there are no questions at all – my eyes do not hurt, I don’t need to charge it every day, there is a case for transportation or public transport.


There is, of course, Wi-Fi, everything works great. And the menu has also changed a little in comparison with other books of the company, stylish icons, in general, refreshed the 'bow'.

I hope none of you will be surprised why all of a sudden here about Onyx – I personally am always happy to support our company, and even with such interesting products. If you are looking for a large screen reader with good functionality, Prometheus is perfect. It also works for a long time.

In short, be sure to pay attention, the full review will be on the site soon.

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