Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look


Not for the first day I have been observing hysteria around the slowdown iPhone when the battery is worn out. The passions unfolding in the media space about this do not subside and are gaining momentum. Looking at all this from the outside, I honestly tried to understand what is the point of replacing the battery in the official service for 3-4 thousand rubles, and could not find an answer.

If we talk about the United States, where the cost fell from $ 79 to $ 29, taking into account the level of income, such an offer turns out to be profitable. However, if you project this cost onto Russian users, then the benefit turns out to be questionable.

In Russia, there is still a strong stereotype that the user of technology Apple is certainly a person with an above-average income.

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

This is used by a huge number of workshops, breaking the space price tag for the simplest equipment repair operations Apple.

Before discussing the justification of such expenses, it is necessary to highlight one more point – the originality of spare parts.

From personal experience, as well as from a survey of familiar craftsmen who repair equipment Apple, we can conclude that there are no original batteries in Russian service centers Apple. Everything that is passed off as the original, at best, is Chinese batteries that are produced in factories authorized by Apple (a small proportion), the rest is just a spare part that has nothing to do with Apple . Yes, in the overwhelming majority, the battery that is put in iPhone in Russian service centers is just a Chinese copy of the battery Apple.

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

The same can be said for the display modules. Once upon a time, when I was just starting to do repairs, one familiar master said a phrase, to which I reacted with a fair amount of distrust: 'Original spare parts Apple do not exist.'

One can argue for a long time whether this is so or not, but the fact remains – the originals are parts that are assembled from original components (doubtful) at factories in China, but at the same time Apple does not know about their existence. Or, it is a secondary part, a kind of prefabricated hodgepodge of spare parts removed from other devices. In the second case, most often, this is done with displays – the working display is removed with a broken protective glass, and then the protective glass is re-glued. Such a display will be considered original and marked – 'AAA, Orig LCD'. But the protective glass will be far from the original. Our Chinese friends have put this process on stream, and this stream does not dry out.

The 'Chinese' module costs about a thousand rubles. Allegedly the original – as many as two thousand. Unexpected prices.

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

Many masters, as an argument for originality, like to show the presence of an “apple” on the display cables, arguing about what color and on what background it is a “bullseye”. Do you really think that it is difficult to make a train with exactly the same color and with exactly the same pattern as the original? Such reasoning does not cause anything but a smile.

Now let's get back to the batteries. Where can I get a 100% original battery if you are not an authorized service center? Nowhere. Then what's the point in this whistle dance? Why pay for air?

For example, the cost of a battery iPhone 6 from a large Russian network selling spare parts. Information from the price list, which is publicly available, and any user can download it by going to the site of this store. The higher price is the usual retail price for any customer, the lower price is for craftsmen and large customers making regular purchases.

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

Outwardly, such a battery is a complete copy of the original, and it is almost impossible to distinguish them even by direct comparison with the original taken from the phone.

At the same time, iPhone is one of the most maintainable devices. The parsing process is elementary. For example, for iPhone 6, like most models iPhone, it is enough to unscrew the two screws at the bottom end, gently pry the module in the lower left corner, and open it by walking around the perimeter (there is a huge number of detailed instructions for disassembling any model iPhone).

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

After that, unscrew a couple of screws on the plate holding the battery connector, then warm the smartphone from the back side, and pull out the adhesive tape on which the battery is attached by the special ears. All.

Preferential battery replacement in iPhone 6. Another look

It remains to glue a new battery, tighten four screws and you're done. The simplest set of screwdrivers costs 150-200 rubles. It turns out 600 rubles and a couple of hours of time for the first time.

If we compare this with the replacement cost offered by authorized service centers in Russia (3500-4000 for an allegedly original battery), the difference is noticeable.

An exception to this scheme is an attraction of unprecedented generosity in the United States, which occurs when trying to replace the battery in iPhone 6 Plus. Instead of replacing the battery, you will simply be given a new (refurbished) iPhone 6S Plus. Agree, a nice upgrade for $ 29. Russian users of technology Apple can only dream of this.

Conclusions instead of conclusions

In all other cases, the advisability of replacing the battery in a service center should be considered only after comparing the cost of components and assessing its capabilities with the price offered by this very service center. Considering that in Russian realities it will not work to get a new 6S Plus instead of 6Plus, is it worth chasing the mythical service Apple? It might be much wiser to weigh the pros and cons and replace the battery yourself, saving you a couple thousand?

In such matters, you always need to compare prices, try to understand the issue, so that upon arrival at the service center you know how much you are offered an adequate price for elementary operations.

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