Quick Review Bluetooth – Ausdom S5 Headphones

I continue to review the series of headphones from the Chinese company Ausdom. This time I have in my hands a model with a simple name S5. The main advantages of the device are support for wireless audio transmission, work in headset mode, light weight and a magnetic holder located on the headphones.

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones

At the moment, Ausdom S5 costs about 900 rubles.


  • Microphone: yes
  • Bluetooth: version 4.2
  • Speakers: 10 mm, 16 ohms
  • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Formats: HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Battery: 110mAh
  • Connectors: microUSB
  • Weight: 18 grams


  • Headphones
  • USB cable
  • Ear cushions
  • Instructions
  • Transport bag

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones


The Ausdom S5 headphones are made in the neckband style, that is, the device is attached to the collar or neck, and the headphones themselves are fed with separate cables to the auricle.

The S5 looks as unassuming as it can be: the simplest materials, discreet design and relatively rough execution. However, the price of 'ears' is only about 900 rubles.

The device conventionally consists of two parts: a battery pack and a control unit. A dense cable-headband passes between them, which gives the structure strength.

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones

The headphones are available in black only.

Despite the primitive design, the assembly raises no questions: all the parts are tightly fitted to each other, nothing loosens or falls out.

There are mechanical buttons on the control unit that are responsible for the same control: rewind, play or pause, answer a call or hang up. In addition, there is an indicator of the device and a microphone.

The headphones are made in a classic 'plug' form factor. There are magnets on the back, so they can be easily connected to each other. Probably convenient when you are not listening to music, and the headphones simply hang around your neck.

The manufacturer claims the S5 is water resistant. It does not indicate protection. I don't think she's there. However, there were no problems in the gym, although sweat most likely got on the body of the device and inside the headphones.

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones

Working hours

In one of the units, as I wrote earlier, a 110 mAh battery is installed. Different sources give different data on battery capacity. I took the information from the instructions included in the kit.

In the music playback mode, I got about 4 hours, in the talk mode – about 3 hours, the usual indicators of budget wireless headphones.

Charged from a PC via microUSB for approximately 1 hour.

I wrote the review at the dacha and did not take the microUSB cable. Thanks to Ausdom for putting it in the kit, otherwise the material would have had to be written upon returning home.


Since we have in-ear headphones, they passively cut off external sounds well. Of course, not for the metro, but it is quite comfortable in a car or bus.

Despite the low cost, I liked the sound: deep low frequencies surprised most of all. There are not many high ones, the middle ones are quite normal. In general, the music plays a little boomy.

A nuance: in my sample, the left speaker played sounds a little quieter than the right one. But this needs to be listened to strongly.

The volume of the Ausdom S5 is prohibitive. Even 20-30% start to 'scream' without overload.

In headset mode, the device transmits good sound quality: high volume, quite good intelligibility. There is no feeling that the transmission is coming from a headset.

Quick Review Bluetooth - Ausdom S5 Headphones


I think if you want budget neckband headphones for talking and listening to music without pretensions to sound quality, then the Ausdom S5 is fine. There is only one minus – they look like a piece of … plastic.

I repeat once again that the price of the model is about 900 rubles and you can buy them here.

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