Results of the contest of enthusiasts №42 about the perfect backpack

Hello dear readers! It's time to take stock of the past enthusiast competition and announce the winner who will receive a brand new backpack Meizu Backpack.

Results of the contest of enthusiasts №42 about the perfect backpack

You know, usually before choosing a winner, I quote several other interesting comments, but this time I will not do this for one simple reason. Many comments were just huge, so I recommend reading the original thread with them, you will find a lot of interesting things. And the winner is the user Ivan, below is his comment:

As a person who for a quarter of a century prefers a backpack to any other way of carrying things, and a person who has flown about two hundred flights over the past 5 years with various backpacks – I have a few thoughts on this?

Looking ahead – I have not yet met the ideal backpack …

But let's start in order.

The most important thing is to determine the task. For business trips with a laptop, I have one backpack, for hiking in nature – another, for skiing a third, for walking around the city a fourth, and so on.

Here I will write about the backpack that is most important to me, the one that I use the lion's share of the time – namely, the backpack for business travel – for things and a laptop.


1. The backpack should be: roomy (40-50 liters), functional, high quality (reliable and durable) and stylish.

2. It is very important that it is easy to carry. Comfortable straps and an ergonomic backrest with ventilation system are required to reduce perspiration. There must be a secure top handle. In general, a backpack should be durable; it should easily support 15kg! ? Yes, in most cases I will not load so much weight there, but when it is required from time to time, it is important that the backpack does not fail.

3. A compartment for a laptop with protection and what is called checkpoint friendly, this is when with one movement of the zipper the backpack is divided into two parts – one with a laptop, and the other with everything else, so that the laptop does not need to be laid out on the security screen in not the most advanced airports.

4. It is also very convenient when the backpack has a special fastener on its back so that it can be easily fixed on the retractable handle of the suitcase.

5. The base of the backpack should hold its shape and be made of a material that is more durable than the rest. It should be easy to clean and durable – you never know where you have to put your backpack.

6. On the side, there must be a compartment for a bottle with water, which can be easily removed and put back without removing the backpack from the shoulder. For aesthetic reasons, this compartment should not be made of mesh. At least in business models. Capacity – a standard bottle of 1 liter.

7. It is convenient to have a special pocket for glasses on top of the backpack which can be used without opening the backpack itself.

8. Also, there should be enough internal compartments and convenient places for storing various things, such as a tablet, pens, chargers with wires, folders with documents, headphones, etc.

9. A nice bonus will be a special rain cover hidden at the bottom of the backpack. By the way, the storage place of this cover can serve as a kind of secret pocket where you can hide something small and important. The High Sierra Access model comes with just such a covered pocket. I have been using this model for many years, but unfortunately, their quality has dropped noticeably, and the modifications that they make to this model from year to year, in my opinion, worsen the functionality of the backpack.

And back to the first point, the backpack should be stylish. In my opinion, Everki does it best of all and, to a lesser extent, Tumi (these are generally inexplicable money costs). Samsonite's business series turned out to be somehow inexpressive. There are interesting models from OGIO and Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Well, the price of the issue is absolutely not fundamental (within reasonable limits, of course) if the backpack meets all the basic requirements.

I hope to find such a backpack soon. If not, will you have to open your own company and do it yourself?

I congratulate Ivan on his victory, and I ask the rest of the readers not to get upset, the contests of enthusiasts will continue, stay tuned.

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