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It has been a long time since the Chromebit concept was introduced in March 2015 that many have forgotten about it. But Google and Asus have retained interest in releasing a device with Chrome OS in a new form factor to expand the lineup of existing 'chrome' devices: chrome beeches, chrome boxes and chrome monoblocks.


Chromebit has become the smallest, full-featured, Chrome OS computer currently released. This is a small HDMI 'dongle' that can be connected to any HDMI monitor or TV and has enough power for simple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse tasks. It doesn't have as abundance of connectors or power as chrome boxes, but it is more mobile and versatile, and the $ 85 price tag looks attractive.

But is Chromebit worth the money? Read the full review and find out.

About this review

Author: Andrew Martonik Original: Android Central Translation: Andrey4android

I (Andrew Martonik) am writing this review after a week of using Asus Chromebit with Logitech K810 keyboard and Logitech M535 mouse. The operating system Chrome OS has always been updated to the latest version throughout its life.

Hardware ASUS Chromebit

The very concept of small-sized computers cannot be called a fresh idea, although the most recognizable (in the West) device of this class is considered to be the Compute Stick from Intel – many devices of this kind based on Windows or Android from a variety of manufacturers have been available for a long time, it's just that the time has come when we can 'package' enough powerful stuffing to run full-fledged desktop operating systems at normal speed into modest-sized devices, which gives us extremely interesting portable devices.

Chromebit is a modest dongle, less than 13 centimeters long and 31 millimeters wide, with two open ports – USB for connecting peripherals and a power connector. On the opposite side from the USB port, there is a cap that hides the HDMI output. There is nothing more to say about the quality of the materials or the design. This plastic dongle – available in two colors – is simple and discreet enough to fit anywhere and out of sight.

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