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There is no doubt that Samsung performed well at this year's MWC with two strong flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. They are distinguished by their design, excellent filling, powerful cameras and friendly software and allow you to forget about the problems experienced by the previous flagships, S5 and S4 with their plastic exterior and overcomplicated internals. But you get used to good things not just quickly, but instantly, so here we will discuss what the new flagship from Samsung, S6, still lacks and what could be done even better by a device that deserves all kinds of praise. We've got six points – right to match the name of the smartphone, and then, dear readers, you can continue the list in the comments.


Front stereo speakers

Despite all the whistles, the S6 is not a boombox. He has no stereo speakers, no amplifiers and 'enhancers' from a well-known company. Fortunately, the device, like its predecessors, supports high-definition audio playback and the audio quality is still quite decent.

20 MP camera

The 16MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge is the absolute leader, and it is simply pointless to wish for more from a smartphone sensor at this time. But at the same time, in the months leading up to the announcement, there was a lot of discussion about the 20 MP camera, fueling our expectations about the camera sensor of the new flagship. Megapixels always warm the soul of the common consumer, so why not add more of them to the S7 or Note 5?


Bigger battery

Well, well, what do we have here … 2550/2600 mAh? If the Exynos 7420, with its architecture and 14nm process, is not ultra-energy efficient, then we get that the S6 and its so-called fashionable sibling fall short of the battery life of Sony's Xperia Z series. Well, let's hope for the best.


Memory card slot

The absence of this element may well become a factor deterring those who like to fill a memory card with their favorite images, music, etc. They will either have to choose the more expensive 64 or 128 GB version, or even look towards another smartphone.


Water resistance

Unfortunately, the new flagship is not water resistant. But knowing the company, it is quite possible to imagine a version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active in development, which is waterproof and dustproof. One way or another, the lack of water resistance makes the choice of this device not entirely suitable for very active people, although it is not a problem in itself.


4 GB of RAM

If Samsung really wanted to fit all competitors on both blades, it should have added another gig of fast LPDDR4 memory to its devices. But let's be realistic. Without creating a fundamental difference in use, such a solution would greatly increase the cost of a smartphone.

We are waiting for four gigabytes in the Note 5 at the end of the year – that's really who will be able to play in front of competitors with “iron” muscles.


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