Smartphone use at night

Hello dear readers. In today's gatherings, I propose to discuss how you use your smartphone at night, or rather, how you don’t use it. Details under the cut.

Smartphone use at night

First of all, I'm wondering who disables notifications in the device? During my studies at the institute, I myself never turned off the phone. But after he came home to fall asleep for an hour or two and it was at this time that his fellow students called “just like that” he began to use the “On the plane” mode. This practice did not change for about seven years, despite the fact that I knew there were more convenient ways. With the acquisition iPhone, the situation has changed slightly. iOS has a wonderful 'do not disturb' mode that turns off all notifications. But its significant plus is that you can add a number of contacts to the white list and they will get through to you even when this mode is turned on. Another plus – if a person not from the list called you twice in a row, then the second time his call also 'passed'. As a result, I slept peacefully for a long time, knowing that colleagues and friends would always be able to get through to me, and unexpected couriers were able to make two calls.

After returning to Android I learned that this function appeared in Android 5.0, manufacturers modified it in different ways. So on my HTC One M8 you can do all the same: mute notifications, add users to the whitelist, etc. By the way, both on Android and on iOS this mode does not affect the alarm clock, so I don’t worry that I might oversleep.

But I also know that there are more advanced utilities for controlling sound modes on Android and decided to ask you, dear readers, which of these utilities are you using and are you using?

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