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Have you ever wondered why so many people were waiting for the return of the brand Motorola to Russia, especially now, when there are plenty of good smartphones for every taste and wallet? In my opinion, the point is, of course, in design. Moto has always had its own distinctive and recognizable look. They played with the materials of the case, the design itself, then with the controls. And all this was long before the appearance of Android in principle. Therefore, today I propose to take a step back and see which models were interesting for Motorola since the release Android.

Motorola Milestone

A review of this smartphone came out back in 2009, then I did not even work for Mobile-Review, but I read that article from Eldar Murtazin. I remember he also compared Milestone with Nokia N97.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs GSM / UMTS Smartphone Preview Motorola Milestone / DROID

Metal body, brutal appearance, hardware keyboard and elusive charisma of the company. All this was in the cool Milestone, which came out in the days of Android 2.0

Motorola RAZR XT910

What's the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word RAZR? Of course, stylish clamshells from Motorola, which have won the love of many users. When creating the RAZR XT910, the company was inspired by the same principles as when developing those clamshells, and presented us with a thin smartphone with protected glass and a Kevlar body. Aggressive design with sharp edges and unusual appearance have become the hallmark of this model.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Phone overview Motorola RAZR XT910. Part one

Moto X first generation

Remember when I said that body materials have always played an important role in smartphones Motorola? So, Moto X is a great confirmation of this. In addition to the cool appearance, the buyer could customize the device in detail: from the design of the back cover to the package bundle.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Smartphone review Moto X (XT1053)

Motorola Moto X 2014

The Moto Maker idea did not lose its relevance in the second generation of the smartphone. More materials have been added to the usual body and bezel colors, including leather or bamboo covers. By the way, the device with the bamboo lid looked amazing.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Review Motorola MOTO X 2014 (XT1092)

Moto X Play 2015

In addition to body materials, Motorola also offered good value for their devices. I remember that the X Play was sold for only $ 300, while the device, although it was not a flagship, but its capabilities were enough for most ordinary users.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Phablet review Motorola Moto X Play 2015 (XT1562 / XT1563)

Moto X Force / Droid Turbo 2

Another great rugged smartphone with many different themes. The model with the Kevlar thread cover, available exclusively for Verizon subscribers, looked especially cool.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Review Android – Smartphone Motorola X Force / Droid Turbo 2

Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen

This model is a great indicator that even an inexpensive smartphone can look great. The G came with three back covers with bright juicy colors. The device stood out strongly against the background of gray monochrome competitors and at the same time, as I already wrote, was relatively inexpensive.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Moto G (3rd gen) smartphone review

Motorola Nexus 6

And even the Nexus line, famous for its relatively boring design, Motorola were able to bring something of their own. In any case, the Nexus 6 was significantly different in appearance from its predecessors.

Smartphones Motorola with cool designs Phablet overview Motorola Nexus 6


But you know, good products are only half the battle. The second half is their promotion, and here I can't help but remember the ad for the Moto 360 smartwatch that Sergey Kuzmin had previously published with us. I think she's just magical.

P.S. What smartphones Motorola design do you like the most?

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