Sony Xperia Z5 – interviews with designers

I've been using Sony Xperia Z5 for ten days now, I'm preparing a review, maybe it will be released this week, I will try. I answer the main questions: the heating of the back is sometimes very strong, miracles do not happen, the photos are excellent even in cloudy weather, the autofocus is very (very, very fast), there are all sorts of interesting chips. For example, now I took the device off the charge, the Z5 notifies that the 'Best Moments' have been created for the week – something like a video from the captured frames. A trifle, but nice. The only trouble, quite by accident I switched to the guest in my pocket, did not notice, and some of the photos were saved there, in the guest account. In this post, I offer you interviews with the designers, engineers responsible for creating the Z5.

In principle, all these things in the video are already familiar to us, but it's always interesting to listen to the creators.

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