Spotify and Samsung Partnership: What Does It Mean for Us?

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Spotify and Samsung Partnership: What Does It Mean for Us?

With your favorite smartphone in your pocket and your favorite Spotify app installed, listening to music is a pleasure. And never before has it been so easy. However, problems start when it comes to using the service on multiple devices. And it seems that Samsung is going to solve this problem for its users.

Following the announcements of the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home during Samsung's New York Unpacked event, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took the stage. He talked about the partnership that is planned between the two companies. Samsung says Spotify is now their music streaming partner and will work with the Korean company to provide a more seamless music listening experience for its users. But what does this really mean?

Spotify and Samsung Partnership: What Does It Mean for Us?

Daniel Ek answered several questions regarding the new partnership with Samsung.

What prompted this collaboration?

DE: From the very beginning of Spotify, we studied how people use the service. We know that listeners choose different music at different times, in different places, and most importantly, on different devices. And we think that accessing music should be easy on absolutely all your devices, and we want to make the transition from one device to another seamless.

Why did you choose Samsung for cooperation?

DE: Samsung makes devices for every aspect of our lives – from smartphones and TVs to tablets, speakers and watches. And we designed Spotify to provide users with a personalized music listening experience around the world – wherever they are, on millions of devices. The partnership with Samsung reduces the hassle of using Spotify for multiple Samsung device users by linking accounts. This allows the user to seamlessly listen to music, and it would be difficult for us to achieve this one by one. This is the great benefit.

What can users expect now?

DE: First of all, they will be pleased that Spotify will be part of the starter set of settings for Samsung devices. For example, someone buys a smartphone and can easily find the Spotify app on a Samsung Smart Switch right away. And soon, Samsung Smart TV users will be able to listen to music via Spotify using the SmartThings app. This is the next level of integration that will make Spotify more accessible and easier to navigate on Samsung devices. As you move from room to room, your devices track your location and allow you to keep listening to music, switching from one to the other.

Then, at Spotify, we're thrilled to have deeper integration into Bixby, Samsung's voice solution, and the ability to act as the only music service fully integrated with Samsung Music. When a user turns to Bixby for music, Bixby in turn turns to Spotify — even if that user has never used Spotify before — allowing listeners to receive Spotify recommendations, discover new playlists, and experience new music experiences.

How does seamless control make switching between devices easier?

DE: In short, in several key Samsung spaces, you will be able to link your Samsung and Spotify accounts to play music across all Samsung devices.

A slightly longer answer is, for example, when you buy a new Samsung smartphone and use the SmartThings app to set up your Samsung Smart TV or Galaxy Home, you will be prompted to link your Spotify account. And you will be able to do this integration right from the start. It only takes a few simple steps.

In addition, we've made it easier to transfer music playback between different devices via Spotify Connect. When a user enters the range of a Wi-Fi network while listening to music on a mobile device in the Spotify app, they can switch playback to network-connected devices from the lock screen without having to go back to the Spotify app.

How will current Samsung users benefit from this integration?

DE: As Samsung's new music provider, Spotify offers hundreds of millions of Samsung device users more convenient access to 35 million songs, as well as our innovative Discovery and Personalization features, bringing more artists and more fans together.

We believe this meaningful long-term partnership will provide users of millions of Samsung devices with the best music streaming experience and make finding new music easier than ever with new opportunities coming in the future.

And, of course, it will help the performers find new fans. Our goal has always been to make music available to everyone, giving millions of talented artists the opportunity to share their work and billions of fans to enjoy and be inspired by it.

What other features can Samsung and Spotify users expect?

DE: The future of this incredible partnership fills us with enthusiasm. Users will be able to discover new music and enjoy it in ways that have never been available before.

As my friend Dong Jing Koh (President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics) said today, 'With Spotify, Samsung Galaxy users can enjoy a seamless music experience on all our devices. We're inspired by today's announcement and this is just the beginning! '

On this joyful note, it remains to ask you, dear readers. If you are a Spotify fan, will this integration be an additional argument for you in favor of the Korean company? Conversely, if you already do not mind voting with your heart and wallet for Samsung, are you interested in such a collaboration? Write in the comments!

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