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Despite the fact that free-to-play games increasingly annoy gamers with in-game purchases, the world of games for mobile devices is still very attractive and there is a lot to see. It doesn't matter if you spend time playing on public transport or prefer to immerse yourself in the GTA and scare pedestrians for hours and kill for money – you will find something for yourself on the list. It is a mixture of free and paid games, and, of course, an intermediate option is also possible – come on, not all in-game purchases are equally bad. We bring to your attention the first part of an extensive collection, and you can, as usual, share your impressions and your favorite games in the comments.


1. Lara Croft: Relic Run (free)


Don't think the game is bullshit just because it doesn't have the name 'Tomb Raider'. Just like in Temple Run, Lara moves endlessly in a procedurally generated world. The game mechanics are expectedly similar to other endless runner games, with a few exceptions that Tomb Raider fans will appreciate. And it's not just that Lara looks cooler than all the characters in such games, she can also shoot, run along the walls and slide down the back of a Tyrannosaurus. Do you need any more advertising?


2. Two Dots (free)


Dots was a great game, but the sequel is even better, with more varied missions, different modes, better bonuses, smoother animations and better visuals.
However, the goal of the game is the same – to connect the colored dots into squares. And like other top mobile games, this one combines a simple yet addictive idea and masterful execution.


3. The Simpsons Tapped Out (free)


EA's Springfield game surprises with two things. First, it's free, and that's something. Secondly, you can be skeptical about freemium games, but this one differs in that it can be run in the background. You can return to it from time to time and gradually, slowly, open everything for free. In general, a properly implemented free-to-play.


4. Angry Birds Space (free)


Everyone knows how senseless and mercilessly developer Rovio exploits the Angry Birds franchise. However, this cosmic offshoot of the famous game is definitely worth a try. Here you will find some new game concepts with multiple levels related to planets that require their own tactics. Plus the passage requires a more intelligent approach than the original.


5. Badland (free)

The game, which has a certain 'indie' charm, the action takes place in a dark, gloomy and strange world where you fly in a 'blot'. The 'blot' can grow and shrink, split into many small blobs, and you need to be prepared for everything that awaits you around the corner. Do you like surprises? So here they are in bulk.


6. Crazy Taxi City Rush (free)

Another free game in which the word 'free' must be in large quotation marks. You are greeted by a whole series of in-game purchases to unlock properties, customize, and, as a very shameless extortion, buy gasoline for your taxi after a series of failed races. And yet, despite the robbery, this is a very cute game, one of those based on a new principle of swipe control, making it surprisingly good for the touchscreen.


7. Monument Valley ($ 3.99)


An excellent game based on strange geometric constructions in the spirit of the artist Escher, in which colored cards bend and rotate contrary to all the laws of the real world. You walk along walls that turn into floor, try not to bump into crows and admire how cool it all looks. The game is short, with only 10 multi-layered levels, but it will surely delight you.


8. PewPew (free)


The developer speaks of this game as 'shooting in all directions', mainly because if you call it a Geometry Wars clone, there will be copyright issues. But despite its origins, it is a great shooter game that has unusual game modes and works great on the touchscreen.


9.MC 5: Blackout ($ 6.99)


And here is a game about men with guns who shoot each other in 3D. The newest game in the series from Gameloft for mobile, pays homage to the popular console first-person shooter. You can play alone or participate in online multiplayer matches. It's nice that Gameloft allows you to get everything right away when you install the game, and does not harass the user with in-game purchases.


10. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (free)


If you are not familiar with Hearthstone yet, be warned: it is addictive. A card game from the creators of World of Warcraft in which you create decks from won and purchased cards to challenge friends or unknown players. A surprisingly challenging game that requires careful strategy. You can play for your own pleasure without paying anything, but you will certainly be interested in the options for buying boosters and additional quests.


11. Whale Trail Frenzy (free)


In this game, no one dies – this is a cute flying game where you soar in the clouds, collect all sorts of things and pump yourself to your delight. The idyll is broken only by pop-up offers of in-game purchases and ads, but otherwise everything is very cute.


12. Thomas Was Alone ($ 5.99)


One of the famous representatives of 'indie' PC games came to Android. Enjoy, or at least try to understand. Call this existential platformer game if you want to sound rude, but in reality, it's an atmospheric, thoughtful journey through an abstract world. Even something like a work of art, but here we are not going to arrange disputes about the 'Black Square'.


13. Bad Piggies (free)


Angry Birds creator Rovio offers a rather strange pig-side game. You have tools, you need to build a car, flying or on wheels, to overcome the level on it. Madness? But the developer did his best and came up with a new idea!


14. Pocket Planes (free)


A very smart and enjoyable mini strategy game in which you have an air carrier and you need to attract more buyers. You start off with a few cargo flights, then expand your fleet, open up new routes and finally find yourself shocked at how many people depend on you for their holidays.


15. Radiant Defense (free)


Tower defense games adapt well to Android thanks to touch-friendly mechanics. This is a good example of a simplified strategy done in a futuristic 'neon' design that looks cool on any phone.


To be continued.

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