The best games for Android. Part three

Another part of a selection of the best games for Android according to


1. Minecraft Pocket Edition ($ 6.99)


The constructor phenomenon goes well with Android thanks to the efforts of the developer of the original desktop version. Here we see a simplified interface with on-screen buttons, but everything else is the same. Survival and creativity modes await, as well as Wi-Fi multiplayer.


2. Heroes of Loot ($ 1.99)


In general, the entire catalog of indie games creator OrangePixel is worth your attention, but their latest creation is the best. This is a 2D dungeon explorer game with many quests, classes and rooms to discover. Plus a wide variety of Bluetooth controllers are supported, so if you have a compatible piece of plastic with buttons, it's even easier to play.


3. Flight Control ($ 0.99)


When this addictive game came along, it was one of a kind. This is an air traffic controller simulator, however, in fact, it is a thousand times more fun than it might seem from the description. You move 2D planes to the slots corresponding to the runways, avoid collisions and get points for successful landings. The game is perfectly adapted for the touch screen.


4. Pac-Man Championship Edition ($ 3.99)


If you immediately thought of the emulations, re-releases and clones of the old 'Pacman' that have appeared over the past 30 years, then this is not quite the case. This is a fresh remake of the popular maze game with graphics, voice acting and scrolling, adapted for modern kids. And modern daddies. Yes, for everyone who enjoys a truly clever puzzle game.


5. Game Dev Story ($ 2.50)


The game that started Kairosoft as the leader in simplified business simulations. You are a software developer looking to create a super successful game. There are cute pixel characters, agony with design, suffering from devastating reviews from people who haven't even played your game yet, and a race for profit.


6. Raiden Legacy ($ 4.99)


Arguably the best 2D shooter of all time, the Android version of Raiden is as impressive as the original. Choosing a control scheme, customizing a display, choosing a difficulty makes it more convenient on the touchscreen, plus since this is Legacy, you get Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet.


7. Pointless ($ 2.48)


The official app of the popular game show, based on the English version of the show. Unfortunately, this only makes sense if you are fluent in English. The Jeeves and Worcester-style presenters appear in the game as two cartoon figures. Thanks to integration with Facebook, you can play cross-platform with friends, but you can play alone throughout the whole working day. Despite the fact that the quiz has repetitive questions and categories, it can take a lot of your precious time.


8.Football Manager Handhealth 2014 ($ 6.99)


The game is priced higher than the ceiling for standard games under Android but well worth it. The full version is an excellent mobile version of the classic management series with a bunch of features, which has not lost anything from adapting to mobile devices. In one of the coolest sports games, you manage transfers, interact with the media, organize matches and do much more – you won't be bored.


9. Canabalt HD ($ 2.99)


A new, slightly more 'glamorous' version of the original game, thanks in large part to which the endless runner genre itself appeared, which now flooded app stores around the world. You are human and you run across rooftops to a techno soundtrack. Something like that, but much more interesting than it sounds in the description.


10. Another World ($ 1.99)


A classic 2D platformer that surprised ordinary people from the 90s with sudden 3D elements. It now looks great on Android. The 20th anniversary edition retained the original graphics, upgraded to HD. Now you can play your favorite gaming classics on your phone. For a couple of dollars. Wow.


To be continued.

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