The best games for Android. Part two

We continue to fish for pearls in the sea of ​​games for Android with

1. Pocket League Story 2 (free)


Kairosoft has been quite successful in using the same style of management game for different scenarios, and this sports game is one of the best. You own a football club, which means a headache with contracts, money, tactics and more. The desire to literally squeeze the maximum money out of the player through in-game purchases somewhat reduces the pleasure. Well, that echoes the current state of the sport that has served as a source of inspiration.


2. New Star Soccer (free)


An excellent, humorous management game about football, turn-based, but mostly about how football players live off the field and what role money plays in the world of football. As with the previous game, there are in-app purchases here, so be prepared to be pulled back by them when you make some progress.


3. Tiny Thief (free)


The game is as enjoyable as it is accessible, great for mobile devices because you move and interact with objects with a simple tap. You go through levels that are becoming more and more fun, complete tasks (as the name implies, they often involve theft of objects), you need to remain unnoticed and solve riddles.

The gameplay is not particularly difficult, but humor and ingenuity will make you smile more than once … and keep playing. You can play half of the game for free, and for the second you will have to fork out.


4. Sonic Dash (free)


One can argue about the 'free' nature of this game packed with in-game purchases, but there is no need to argue about the quality. The newest Sonic game is an endless runner in which the hedgehog moves left and right, avoiding obstacles that abound in his familiar green world.


5. Cut The Rope: Time Travel (Free)


A strange physical toy that belongs to one of the more popular franchises. This update includes new tricks and weapons. The gaming experience, however, is the same as in the previous parts – the player uses ropes to throw candies across the colorful screens. Lots of levels plus a cool intermediate level.


6. QuizUp (free)


This is a surprisingly clever online quiz game where you play against random players or friends. You can choose from a variety of categories, from puzzles to sports, so don't get stuck on an unfamiliar topic.

Simple rounds take a couple of minutes, plus there is a continuous offline level, so you can fight with people who, in turn, will pass it after you. There are a lot of questions, new categories are constantly being added. J ust class.


7. Beach Buggy Blitz (Free)


Game for Android, which is notable for console quality. There are many beautiful worlds, cars, power-ups and improvements, plus the graphics engine adapts to more powerful hardware, and with more cores in the processor, you can enjoy a lot of effects. During the game, you are offered purchases, but this is not annoying and is optional.


8. Voxel Rush (free)


A cute minimalistic race in which instead of the usual background in the form of mountains, beach or lava – colored rectangles. The game is stylish, well-controlled, optimized for multiplayer and has Google Play Game support – you can play alone or you can arrange a competition.


9. Nightbird Trigger X (free)


A target shooting game in which your little man has to shoot at a point on the screen. Everything seems to be simple, but all sorts of annoying moving objects constantly appear on the screen that prevent you from hitting accurately, and if you did not hit with the first bullet, you will have to spend more time. Simple, but original and free.


10. Re-Volt 2: Multipleer (free)


This is a game for old school fans who have played the original Re-Volt racing games in the past. Even though she looks a little clumsy. This is an update to the RC car race, which has added a multiplayer mode to the delight of modern fans of the social component in games. Download and play for free – in-app purchases are required for some upgrades.


11. Spaceteam (free)


And this is generally a game for psychos. All the power Android of the device is used to create truly innovative gameplay exclusively in multiplayer mode. Players get together, from two to four, they have a ship that is about to explode, and they have to yell at each other using space terminology. All in all, very silly and looks like something coming exclusively for the Wii in Japan.


12. Toast Time ($ 2.99)


If you try to attribute this game to some genre, you can call it a platform combat game. The catch is that you play as a toaster, and your weapon is toast. The physics of the game is appropriate, similar to the operation of a toaster, for example, shooting a toast creates a recoil by moving the toaster across the screen, and this effect must be compensated for. Because there is a clock here that needs to be protected, and … well, you better play, it's cool.


13. Ridiculous Fishing ($ 2.99)


Possibly one of the best games using accelerometer features. By moving, your line sinks deeper into the sea, avoiding fish. Pulling it back, you catch fish in the same way. And then the funny thing is that the fisherman pulls them into the air, and you need to shoot them to get money. It's stupid, but it's still a must play.


14. Super Hexagon ($ 2.99)


Another mobile classic. You have two movements, turn left and turn right – all it takes to travel through the endless maze that appears on the screen. One of the most difficult, cool, well-voiced and addictive mobile games. You just have to try!


15. Threes! ($ 1.99)


One of those stupid math games that could be played in the mind before the mind was consumed by mobile devices. You can learn in 30 seconds: you move the numbers until they become multiples of 3 and disappear. This game also has a lot of free clones, but if you feel sorry for the price of a chocolate bar for a cute little toy that will keep you busy for a whole week, then you will burn in freemium hell! J


To be continued.

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