The best RPG games for Android

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Are you drawn to the imaginary worlds that a party of adventurers travels through quests, exploration and battles? You can also experience the full fun of RPG games by playing on your smartphone or tablet. Here are five great examples of games filled with quests, dungeons and thrilling adventures. It's an interesting, modern take on classic RPG concepts, crafted from scratch specifically for mobile platforms. It's time to join and start your epic adventure!


Knights of Pen & Paper

This is a retro style turn-based pixel RPG inspired by titles from the 90s. The mobile version includes an extended campaign, more dungeons to explore, new attacks to fight, and a Tavern to store your adventures. The concept of gameplay is interesting because you choose one of the roles available in the game, just like in a traditional verbal role-playing. Only here you are both a player and a master at the same time, deciding which battles to fight and for which of the many classes, such as mages or fighters, to play.

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Dungelot is a fast paced casual RPG with simplified gameplay, simple graphics, and fun RPG elements. Designed to provide a fun introduction to the dungeon world for newcomers to the genre, the controls are simple. You flip tiles in search of treasures and stumble upon deadly monsters in search of a button to complete the level.

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Arcane legends

Arcane Legends is a fantasy RPG and MMORPG game. Adventures await you in the dungeons: fight bosses, row useful junk, join guilds, collect animal companions. In a 3D world, you create a character, collect quests, play with thousands of other players online. Completing quests, you and your friends travel to castles, forests and dungeons, defeating dragons, orcs and other evil creatures seeking to destroy the kingdom of Arlor.

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The Bard's Tale

You play as the Bard, a narcissistic vagabond who has a bunch of pointless side quests hanging in basements full of rats. As you play magic songs, you challenge the characters to join you in battle or heal your party. The game has 50 types of enemies not counting bosses, a huge world (with cities, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snow-capped mountains, caves and tombs where ghosts live). Throw in a full range of NPCs, the ability to unlock 16 magical characters that can be summoned at will, over 150 unique items, dances and songs – and over 14 hours of voice acting.


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Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike game with pixel art and a simple interface. Explore the world to the depths, collect objects and fight ferocious monsters in search of the Amulet of Yendor – the main artifact of this world. The game is considered to be very difficult and highly dependent on luck. Be warned, you will have to die often.

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The best RPG games for Android

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RPG (from Role-Playing Games) is a genre of games like no other. Here, the creators are not trying to lure the player with all new doses of adrenaline, do not encourage him to improve in management, coordinating the eye and hand. And attempts to make you urgently fork out right in the heat of the gameplay are clearly not in the foreground. The main thing in such games is history, and how to get the player to dive into it is up to the developers.


Many RPGs have delighted gamers on consoles and desktops for years, but lately, mobile games have exploded in popularity and have taken them to Google Play. Let's see which of them have rightfully won their place in the top of the best RPGs for Android.


To tell you the truth, every RPG always borrows a couple of classic ideas for its concept. Nothing wrong with that, especially if the story is fun and the characters are cute. However, the genre has been around for so long that we have the right to expect something original from the developers, albeit on a familiar basis. Evoland is just an example of such a game, but instead of a couple of classic ideas, it seems that a little bit of everything was used here. Whatever the game reminds you, Zelda, Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, you're right. And most importantly, being a kind of explosive mixture, the game is good in itself. A great $ 4.99 way to immerse yourself in the RPG world for a beginner who will very soon find it difficult to put aside their mobile device for a while.



Set in a world designed by fantasy author Joe Dever, the game features very high quality graphics and text. At the beginning, the player endows his character with the chosen traits, and then makes decisions as the narrative unfolds, and also participates in exciting turn-based battles with a variety of enemies. Game mechanics require calculation, accuracy and proper resource allocation – this is the only way you can survive.

This game has a well-developed story and dynamics at the same time, it is equally good on a smartphone and on a tablet.



You are the last hope of the Jedi Order. You choose the type of character and plunge into the Star Wars universe, defending your civilization – of course, from the Sith. If the dark side of the Force attracts you more, then your task is to destroy the Jedi even before the Empire was formed. A richly detailed game set in a huge world that promises to be exciting no matter which side you are on.

Star Wars: KOTOR is not a new game, and that's why its appearance on Android is so exciting. Developers at Aspyr Media took the entire PC game and ported it to mobile devices, adding a screen-based control system that makes it much less awkward than the original. On the technical side, everything is very cool, but it was only in combination with a lot of fun from the gameplay that this allowed her to be included in the list.



Who said that an RPG definitely needs a pair of joysticks or a familiar menu to play? Here's an example of an alternative interface. The active combat system looks and feels like Diablo. And because it was originally made for mobile, it's easy to spend hours tapping furiously on the screen as the story unfolds.

Not only the gameplay is somewhat unusual here. Battleheart Legacy showcases a character creation system that does not use the stat tree. Your character can learn to chop everything and everything from a warrior, suck souls from a sorceress, carry money from a thief, etc. And you can subordinate all available skills to your tasks in the game.



Long before games of this genre began to offer us a pretty picture, we only had adventures that were described by text. Some could be played alone, some together (MUD games from Multi Player Dungeons). But they all had one thing in common: you saw text on the screen and you had to use your imagination. This game is a mobile experience in this field, and in a world where graphics have become the alpha and omega for many, it is surprisingly addictive.

Out of nothing, your character must build a prosperous village, earn resources through backbreaking work, and then go around the world in search of the truth. Very different from regular RPG games – unless, of course, we are talking about what we played as a teenager. Worth a try, anyway.



The mobile version of the popular action RPG. You play as a very disrespectful bard who shies away from the classic duties of a fantasy hero, because the drink and women are much more interesting. Of course, he is being drawn into the story of saving the world, but he uses his abilities to attract others to this and shift his affairs to them.

If you want to play the 'old fashioned' way, there is full Bluetooth controller support here.

A first-class game for those who like to play as 'bad guys'.



An unusual mixture of old and new traits – in many ways. In terms of game mechanics, this is a classic action-adventure game where you click the cursor on the screen, but it has mini-games built in where you have to use your reflexes. The genre is old, such games did not appear especially for consoles, let alone mobile devices. In the 3D age, we see stylized pixel art here. The classic fantasy setting is combined with the modern language spoken by the characters and the pseudo-scientific story that permeates the entire narrative.

For those who are looking for something new and different.



Geeks can argue with foam at the mouth as much as they want about which part of the popular game is the best. For mobile devices, there is only one version with this name for Android. Its developers have done an excellent job summarizing the gaming experience of the previous parts of the franchise and creating their own original and interesting world. This is a classic RPG ported to Android – now your favorite characters can accompany you everywhere.

There are many games that can be called classics of the genre, but the Final Fantasy series is something that will pull you in without difficulty, and then you will only have to wonder where the weekend went. If I had to choose which game from the entire franchise to put on a mobile device, this would be the uncontested choice. Unless, of course, FF VII is made for Android.



Reactive game mechanics and side-scrolling combat are atypical in the RPG genre, but the creators of Reaper have effortlessly managed to combine the two. The story unfolds from one battle zone to another, at times offering the player difficult choices that will affect the further passage. The start of the game is fairly predictable, but it quickly turns into highly complex fights that require focus and precision. Swiping on a mobile device is as great as playing with Android TV.

At times the game seems out of the ordinary, at times too fast-paced, but it's worth trying.


10. What about you?

The tenth item on the list remains for our readers, however, it could be the first. After all, each of the fans of the genre has their own absolute favorites. We propose to share in the comments, adding to the list, which in no way claims to be complete.

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