Tne Witcher: Battle Arena: Waiting for the Wild Hunt

As many of you know, a new game about the witcher, Geralt of Rivia, will be on sale in the spring. Will be released on all platforms, we will play. In the meantime, you can stretch yourself, not so long ago the program Tne Witcher: Battle Arena appeared in the Google store, this is a multiplayer game, not entirely clear, not to say very entertaining, but it is addictive one, two, three.

Tne Witcher: Battle Arena: Waiting for the Wild Hunt

It's very simple, choose a character and go ahead, fight on different maps. While the game is in a three-by-three format, you can choose an elf, a sorceress or a witcher, each of the characters has its own merits. During the fight, a store is available where you can improve equipment, you earn gold by killing enemies. I still do not understand when the game ends, the impression is that the points can be captured endlessly. Among the available characters there are also familiar ones, these are Zoltan Chivay, Philip, Geralt, there are also hitherto unknown, for example, a golem.

You can download and try it from here.

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